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This is Japan’s seventh consecutive participation in the World Cup since it qualified for the first time for the World Cup finals in 1998. The results this time are very impressive, Japan beating Germany 2-1. Japan beat the World Cup champions for the first time.

AP photos

AP photos

It was originally just a football game, but netizens from all over the world said that the German team was too political this year. The mainland said: “Before the match started, all the starting players took a group photo before the match. At this time, all the players of the German team used their hands Cover your mouth to protest FIFA’s decision to ban the team from wear the colored OneLove armbands that support the LGBTQ group.” More politicization came from German politicians and media, who criticized the human rights issues of the country that hosts Qatar in a high-profile way at the beginning Everyone has been paying attention to the development of Germany You will feel that this is not the Germany we are familiar with.Since when did Germany suddenly become ideological.power?How did the enterprising spirit of the quiet monographs of the Germans transfer to the political arena to shine?

All walks of life in Germany enthusiastically put forward the surveillance theory against China. German Chancellor Scholz has received an order for 140 Airbus from Beijing. The ink is still dry. He said a few days ago: “It is a mistake for Germany to rely on one country in terms of trade or energy.”, and he repeated that such a situation “will not happen again. “It is likely to target China and Russia, the two countries that supported the development of German industrial manufacturing in the Merkel era, German Economy Minister Habeck recently said that Berlin will guarantee China’s investment Set an upper limit. In other words, the government no longer encourages investment in China.

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