The girl broke the car, she stressed, find the way down, open her mind, break it herself, fix it myself I don’t want the light just ask for justice

Smash herself, fix herself, gangster enough, ‘car smash girl’ stressed out, find the way down, open her mind, don’t need light just want justice

of the case of Ms. Runghathai (last name withheld) aged 42, businessman from Korat Climb on the hood of a Ford car. everest version to use a crowbar to break a broken windshield It’s irony from Ford Korat Center. After using a new car, the red sign has not passed the run-in, or up to 1,000 kilometers, found a problem with the center’s warning system, faulty tire pressure detection system. The screen cannot connect to the android phone. The sensor system cannot open the back. Start the whole car, vibrate. And the reverse gear system has problems. when taking the car to the service center to report such problems but the problem is not over As a result, the Consumer Protection Sub-Committee (OCPB), Nakhon Ratchasima, by Ford Center has sent legal counsel to mediate by appointment. but not resolved Thus causing the incident late yesterday (22 September) in front of Nakhon Ratchasima City Hall.

Most recently, Ford Thailand as the car manufacturer Explain the initial inspection, the customer installed an air purifier as an accessory. the operation of the air purifier in some car models can transmit frequencies that affect the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), so it is recommended to remove the accessory. This caused customer dissatisfaction and the mediation failed to reach an agreement, but Ford Thailand is committed to a common solution. continue to create customer satisfaction

On Ms Runghathai’s side she revealed that schedule Initially, Benz sedans and Mitsubishi Triton pick-up trucks were used as occupation vehicles. Later, in January 2022, while driving a pick-up truck back from a business trip, there was a car accident with a copy. The incident happened on Friendship Road. In front of Tan Koo Shrine, Suranare Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, the car was completely destroyed. But not many injuries. So, I immediately wanted a car with an excellent safety system. Looking at the reviews, the Ford Everest guarantees suspension and structural rigidity. In addition, although a new model was released at the end of the 65’s, they consider this series of cars to have developed to the limit. So he fell in love, he decided to buy a red car with 1,474,000 baht in cash on February 2, 2022.

“After using the car for a distance of 938 kilometers for about 30 days, the problem was discovered. On March 4, the car was brought to the service centre. to practice the correct period and mileage of the new car warranty The staff received the car to notify the car as usual, but the chief mechanic indicated that the problem could not be solved. and it is recommended to remove the car air purifier By making an appointment to bring the car to the center on March 9 for a thorough repair from 11.00-18.45 until the center is closed, he has no car to use, so he asks to use the car first and will bring the car to the center by appointment again on the 10th. March.”

“decide to sing Nakhon Ratchasima Make an offer to change a new car or ask for a refund. The NCPO made an appointment with the parties to mediate on July 25, with him as the petitioner. Legal Adviser at Ford Korat Center The provincial prosecutor defends the rights and the representatives The OCPB was the mediator but was unable to find a solution and the third appointment was held on September 22. The mediation atmosphere was not smooth. The legal counsel rejected the proposal, insisting it be repaired. He also accused him of stealing a mechanic’s key while he was inspecting it, even though he hadn’t finished tightening the knot. which is a misunderstanding and a one-sided accusation So he decided to be sarcastic by breaking the car’s window and bringing it in for repair in a garage.”

After the media presents the news Social media that don’t know the facts Some people try to bring the trip down. Specify whether you want a new car or want to be famous. enough stress The offer asks the car dealership to return this car for a reasonable price. Which is decorated for about 80,000 baht, because for the responsibility of bringing the car for repair, fearing that the problem may not end If the insurance period ends, what will happen next? Previously discussed several times, but the center always refuses. The more I come across the last words, it’s not so smooth in my ears yet. People who don’t get it don’t understand their feelings They’re gangsters They beat themselves, fix themselves They don’t want light, but they ask for justice.

Mr. Arthit Chamkhunthod, Acting Director of Damrongtham Center, Nakhon Ratchasima Province said as secretary Professor Nakhon Ratchasima received the complaint on March 10, entered the mediation process for a total of 3 times, but did not come to a decision. until the petitioner brought the car to break the glass as Cynnydd news, the meeting decided to end the matter. because the parties cannot agree The applicant uses the right to file a lawsuit under the judicial process of the court.

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