The girl recorded the clip to see clearly. The chicken pays homage to false gods. It comes in a beautiful texture. but completely melted by the heat

Without any words to say, the girl recorded the clip for you to see clearly. market sellers are cheating “Kai Wai Chao Fake” comes in a beautiful, firm texture. But after being heated, it melts completely.

On January 21, 2023, the Facebook page wants to be popular, organizes a return, part 5.2, shares warning stories from the children of the page, stating that they want to leave a warning. Fake goods during the expensive period. with Chinese New Year when meat is expensive

The story is that my mother went to buy boiled chicken to pay respect to the gods from Kaeng Sian Crossroads Market, Kanchanaburi Province yesterday (20 January) around 2:00 pm, when she found the this shop. Steamed chicken (mock). So my mother asked Why did you do this? (Because I don’t usually see other sellers doing this) He replied that there are many customers. No time to put it in the bag So I decided to buy 1 piece for 200 baht. I came back home and put it in the fridge.

and early this morning When the sheep came out steaming Mum was a little surprised. Chicken meat looks beautiful, firmer than usual. and after thinking it should be steamed already Having opened the lid to find the chicken in this condition, all the contents have melted with the heat. very messy state When I touched it, I didn’t feel it was chicken meat at all. It’s like buying only chicken bones. I thought I had already hit it. As for today in the afternoon, I will try to go back to the market first to see if I can find this shop or not.

The reason to buy here is because the usual chicken shop is out of stock. So you have to go buy somewhere else.

Give me a story too During this time, rice is very difficult. Even in our house we have enough money to buy food, we still find something like this. And people who don’t have much money to buy it like this, what will they do? We have a toddler who still thinks instead. If their parents only have 200 to buy a chicken for their children to eat. And if you meet like this What will the family eat? These scammers really care about it. With the villagers, there is still no need for words to be said.

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