The girl tells the minute that her friend is crying and venting, being harassed by her brother for 4 years, ready to film herself being harassed secretly after no one believes

The girl said the minute, her friend cried and ventured. Being trampled by his older brother for 4 years, secretly filming himself being harassed after no one believed the police officer reported 4 serious charges.

28 March, 2023 – Mr. Kantas Pongpaiboonvej or “Gun Chom Palang” together with the Pol. Col. Wongkot Suwanawat, Superintendent of Khu Khot Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Prasit Somboon Chit, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation, Khu Khot Police Station, staff from the Social Development Office, Social Development and Human Welfare, Pathum Thani Police Officer, Evidence Center 1

travel to a Village in Khlong Sam district, Lat Sawai Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province, which is the residence of Mr. Nat (surname withheld), 40 years old, raped Ms A (fictitious name), 18 years old – older sister.

Gun Jomphang said that Ms A came to ask for help that she had been raped by her real brother since she was 14 years old until now. which continued for more than 4 years when the child was young Go tell the elders, they will not believe it. Until the child agrees to record the clip as evidence

Miss A and the accused have the same father, but different mothers, with Miss A’s mother living in other states. no money to send students so have the younger brother live with the older brother who is acting. The brother threatened that if he refused, he would not send him to school. Cause him to be in captivity, repeatedly raped over a period of 4 years, where the brother will only act when the sister-in-law is not at home

Paul said. Lieutenant Colonel Prasit that the investigating officer initially informed 4 allegations against Mr Kunat, namely rape or any act of violence, where the person was in a state of non-compliance. Rape of a girl under 15 who does not use his wife or husband, whether the child consents or not. Indecent acts of girls under 15 by use of force when that person is in a state of non-compliance and indecent acts of girls under 15, whether the child consents or not. By committing an act of violence where the person is in a state of non-resistance which is an act under the rule

While Ms. Bee (pseudonym) aged 17, a friend of Ms A said that a friend had come to visit the house last month. with a cry Then he asked what was the matter. At first, my friend didn’t tell me. because he was afraid that he would not believe Finally, my friend agreed. He was raped by his brother since he was 14, so he consulted his parents. Before going to report to the Khu Khot police station, this friend is very fond of him, a hardworking person who works in a convenience store. Along with studying From now on, their families are ready to allow friends to live together first.