The global financial market ‘wobbles’ due to fear of ‘Omicron’… New York stock market worst this year



The global financial market has been hit hard by fear of ‘Omicron’, a new mutation of COVID-19.

New York stocks as well as major European and Asian stock markets plunged as concerns emerged that a new, more contagious mutation could incapacitate existing vaccines.

By Kim Young-man, staff reporter.


The global financial market was shaken by fears of ‘Omicron’, a new mutation of Corona 19.

The US stock market in New York fell the most this year, and major stock markets in Europe and Asia also plunged one after another.

Although the United States faced ‘Black Friday’, the biggest shopping season, the shock wave was so great that the stock market was called ‘Black Friday’.

On the 26th local time, the Dow on the New York Stock Exchange closed at 34,899.34, down 2.53% from the previous day.

The Standard & Poor’s and S&P 500 indexes plunged 2.27%, and the tech-focused Nasdaq index also closed down 2.23%.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the one-day drop in the three major U.S. stock indexes was the biggest on Black Friday since 1950, when statistics can be traced.

The fear of the new mutation also had a major impact on European and Asian stock markets.

The London, France, Paris, and German stock market indexes fell sharply from 3.64% to 4.75%.

Japan’s Nikkei stock fell 2.53%, the biggest decline since June 21, and Chinese, Hong Kong and South Korean stocks also closed lower.

The crude oil futures market and cryptocurrencies also took a direct hit due to movement restrictions.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, West Texas Intermediate crude for delivery in January next year plummeted 11.3% per barrel, and Bitcoin fell around 8%.

On the other hand, safe assets such as gold showed an upward trend.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold for December delivery rose 1.4% to close at $1,808.90 an ounce.

Concerns are growing that the global economic recovery, which has been slowing down with Corona, will be hit by the emergence of a new mutation that may have a stronger propagation power than the ‘delta mutation’.

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