The godfather died of the epidemic and lacked a coffin, Andy Lau helped to complete the funeral with his connections | Liu Shanben | The Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, April 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia reported) The fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong has caused more than 1.16 million confirmed infections and more than 8,000 deaths. Among them, Liu Shanben, who was called godfather by Andy Lau, also died of the epidemic. Originally, he could not find a coffin to put his body. Finally, Andy Lau used his connections to successfully finish the funeral, which moved Liu Shanben’s family to thank him.

According to Hong Kong’s “East Network” report, Liu Shanben’s wife Bao Xiaohua and daughter Liu Yali are entertainers in the entertainment industry, so he has friendship with many big stars, and Andy Lau calls him a godfather in private. Liu Yali revealed that her 95-year-old father started dialysis two years ago, and he lost his ability to take care of himself in the past six months. He died on the 17th of last month and was buried at the World Funeral Home in Hong Kong on April 3rd.

According to the report, after Liu Shanben passed away, doctors judged him to have “died due to infection with new coronary pneumonia”. Because of fear of contracting the virus, the funeral home finally decided not to allow relatives and friends to pay homage to the deceased. Even the process of making up and changing clothes on the body can be avoided is exempted.

In addition, due to the severe epidemic in Hong Kong, the number of infected people and the number of deaths have hit new highs, and there is a considerable shortage of coffins. A month ago, Hong Kong media reported that the morgues of Hong Kong hospitals were overwhelmed, and the Hong Kong government used temporary mobile refrigeration units to store corpses. And Liu Yali couldn’t find the coffin. Fortunately, Andy Lau used his personal connections to help Liu Shanben’s funeral and funeral.

Liu Yali said, “I heard that there were too many dead people due to the epidemic, and there were no coffins, so they might have to ‘stack corpses’. Fortunately, with Andy Lau’s help, I didn’t have to wait too long to take care of my father’s funeral.” She also said, “Although Andy is not here. Hong Kong, but it’s a lot to find someone to help my mother.” I am very grateful to Andy Lau for helping their family.

Responsible editor: Yang Ming

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