The gold goby is real! An ornamental fish collector asked to buy a 7 digit number, but the owner did not sell.

The owner is not selling! Golden goby caught in a trap An ornamental fish collector is asking to buy a 7 digit number.

because no one has ever seen a golden goby So, there was a buzz in the Sa Kaeo province area after villagers found a golden goby shining in a pond trapped in a fish trap.

Today (1 October 65) because yesterday (30 September. 65) reporters reported that in house number 1, moo 25, Thung Maha Charoen Wang Nam Yen Subdistrict Sa Kaeo Province which is the house of Mr. Reuk, 66 years old, former head of Ban Noen Samakkhi Almost 10 relatives and neighbors brought the gold goby found in a pool of more than 3, more than 5 meters deep, from Grandpa Thongdee and Grandma Wandee. digging a natural fish pond

which during the heavy rain storm in the past Relatives have brought fish traps to catch fish along streams that flow at different points. which weighs 4.5 points and is about 28 centimeters long, so it is brought back to relatives to create a buzz for the whole village

Mrs Ubon, 49, who first saw the golden goby, said she went to catch fish after the rain at night. Later in the morning, I went to see Found a shiny brass fish attached to it. he is very happy because I have never seen I have only ever seen a black goby. I think it’s only in novels and plays that Wong doesn’t know what to do. So take it out and put it in a bucket for relatives to help see. Before that, I thought in my mind whether there was any luck or not. and when the first fish The fish did not struggle as Knew. So put it in a container for swimming.

“I think this fish is promising. Give yourself and your family luck. I’m happy because I’ve never seen it before. and see the real one, the real one is a beautiful golden color After this, I will look at the opinion of my grandparents and relatives on how to proceed. and if someone comes to ask to buy again, you have to look again At the moment, ornamental fish collectors have contacted to buy for a 7-figure price, but have not decided to sell it,” said Ms Ubon.

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