The Golden Melody of the Times Meets the Traditional Record “Mr. Moxi” Vinyl Special, Recovers “Once Upon A Time Slow”

The fifth issue of the Z-generation cultural interactive variety show “Mr. Moxi” will be launched on Tencent Video at 12:00 this Thursday. Following the previous episodes of “Mr. Moxi” in-depth experience of the unique charm of the national tide culture such as fondant and tie-dye, in this episode, Luo Yunxi will visit the MPK music public kingdom to collect the “listening value” of the seven major M values Return to the easy old days composed of era golden songs and vinyl records.

Back in time was slowMusic radio relives the golden years

Retro radio cassette recorders, nostalgic audio tapes, old-fashioned duo music radio… At the beginning of this episode, Luo Yunxi used the radio cassette recorder to “travel” with classic songs to the 80s and 90s of the last century, the golden tunes competing for the light years. From Teresa Teng’s “Scent of the Night”, to the golden tunes of the Spring Festival Gala, to the uniqueness of Jay Chou, the heyday of the Chinese music scene has left unforgettable musical memories for the end of the last century. When it comes to the classic music of those years, Luo Yunxi is also a treasure. Under the melodious music accompaniment of the old-fashioned tape recorder, I can’t help but immerse myself in it, incarnate in the “Chinese Little Music Library”, humming the classic songs of the Chinese music scene on the spot.

Music needs a sense of ritualThe contemporary “Renaissance” of traditional recording

Although digital music is full of people’s lives, traditional music records represented by “vinyl” have gone upstream in recent years, realizing the “Renaissance” trend. In the show, Luo Yunxi, vinyl record enthusiast Xu Zhefei and vinyl record producer Wang Hanlei jointly completed a modern and improved version of the vinyl record player. A hand-made vinyl record player with classic music records can not only calm the mood in the music full of presence, but also connect the classical and modern trend culture, bringing the “sense of ceremony” that young people desire nowadays. The psychological state of “slow pace” is vividly revealed. At the end of the show, Luo Yunxi came to the retro dance party in the mellow music of the vinyl record, and swayed with the accompaniment of the vinyl enthusiasts, and finally successfully collected the “listening value”.

Highlight the emotional concept and value orientation of young people nowadays, and show more outsiders the fascinating aspects of niche trend culture, so that those generation Z young people and audiences who have never experienced the vinyl era can experience the uniqueness of retro music Charm is the main theme of this episode of “Mr. Moxi”. Judging from the current issues of the festival, although some niche cultures explored by “Mr. Moxi” may not be well-known to the public, it is the perseverance and pursuit of the program group that can interact with those who enjoy life and insist on The interesting souls of love resonate and show their unique life content in more public view. The so-called circle culture may not have too high exposure at the beginning, but as long as someone insists and someone participates, one day it will break the barriers of the circle and make it a true trend that young people like today.

At the end of the fifth program, the program preview of the next “Mr. Moxi” was also exposed. In the next issue, Luo Yunxi wears a full set of live-action gaming shooting costumes and will start a cool team battle indoors. From the beginning of claiming that “no one can beat us”, and then repeatedly calling “I was shot again”, what routines did Luo Yunxi experience his opponent? For more exciting content, please look forward to the third season of Mr. Moxi every Thursday at 12:00 noon.

Original Title: Time Golden Melody Meets the Traditional Record “Mr. Moxi” Vinyl Special Collection “Once Upon A Time Slow”

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