The GOP speaker gives attention to the Virginia Democrats scandals

With the main Australian Democrats mired in a scandal, the fourth man who is becoming a regulator is to keep a low profile even as their status raises.

Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox, a public-speaking public school teacher, could play a key role in deciding on the top three democrats in state government. And their horror could help to strengthen Cox's exploitation of a Republican majority in a state that was stuck under President Donald Trump.

All three are asked to resign but stated that the focus is the worst work of the state budget and the passing of other legislation. And it is clear that he wants to participate in addressing the concerns of black leaders regarding racial inequality, he does not seek an important role.

"I need to be sure that part of that conversation: I have to be at the board. I will never understand that I should guide that field," Cox said in an interview with the Associated Press, with that will be Gov. Ralph Northam is also difficult for each other.

Northam has been a sad national subject after a challenging response to a racial photo in his medical school booklet. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax has lost and dismissed the team at his legal firm after two women have been causing a sexual assault, he refuses. And the Attorney General Mark
All the herring is just after going into a toy in college, an entry that came after Northam criticized similar behavior.

In addition, the state's Republican chances, Tommy Norment, are addressing questions about a yearbook that helped him to compile in the college 50 years ago including slides and overheads.

The speaker, who is white, began his career in a central black school in Petersburg and enjoying close relationship with some black legislators.

Northam and Herring have compensation for resignation of candidates and are looking for ways to rebuild confidence with the black community. African-American leaders said they would like the general solicitor and solicitor to advocate specific issues – including the elimination of Confederate's opinions and declaring marijuana – which the General Assembly had previously rejected by the GOP.

Cox said that House Republicans have a long record of promoting issues that are important to the black community and there is a "sure" room for improvement. But he did not indicate that there is any dramatic crisis at weight – such as pushing pressure from Confederate statues – which would help Northam and
The cause of the herring.

Cox also has a great deal on whether and when the legislature decides to investigate the allegations made against Fairfax. One of its injured lawyer asked Chox and other legal leaders on Tuesday to ensure that Fairfield's placement had a place to tell their side of the story. Cox said it's too early to say what action action is best for the legislature, but it did not outline some event events.

"We have to tackle a warning," he said.

Prior to the Capitol's scandals, Cox was aimed at extending the GOP's appeal to suburban voters who fled by the Republican Party in the Trump era. It showed a willingness to deal with issues related to the kitchen table such as smoking smoking and improving water quality.

Her pragmatism came in the last year's stage, when her party got tired in the 2017 elections and her Advocate House's advantage was seen to a majority of 51-49 racer.

Then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe tried vainly for 4 years to expand Medicaid, but the Republican speaker at the time, Bill Howell, did not have a deal to deal with.

On the other hand, Cox saw his party's quiet position and began to deal with Northam quickly. A small group of Republicans went in touch with Democrats to pass on the Medicaid expansion after receiving concessions to provide work needs for recipients.

The 140 statutory seats will take place for elections later this year, and it seems that it was a more favorable land country that looked after when your Republicans were climbing up now. With the most politically wounded leaders, Democrats will have difficulty raising money and their energy base.

Cox said that it is not certain if the Democrats' scandal in November but Republicans will not accept anything.

"It is our obligation to enter those communities and earn those votes," he said.

Because of their own, black makers showed that they are open to working with the Republicans to promote their work program.

"We need both sides of the aisle," Del said. Lamont Bagby, chaired by the Black Virginia Legislative Caucus.


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