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The government announced today the results of KT disability analysis… KT is an emergency board of directors

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picture explanationKoo Koo, CEO of KT, answers questions from reporters

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KT caused great chaos across the country[030200] On the afternoon of the 29th, four days after the accident, the government announces the results of the analysis of the cause of Internet failure. KT holds an emergency board of directors meeting to discuss countermeasures such as compensation for damages.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (Ministry of Science and ICT) plans to hold a briefing presided over by 2nd Vice Minister Cho Kyung-sik at 3 pm on the same day and explain the cause of KT Internet failure that occurred on the 25th.

An overview of the accident process, as revealed by KT, that an error occurred in the process of inputting information while performing ‘routing (network path setting)’ of newly installed equipment for network advancement in Busan on the day of the accident. all. As a result, the nationwide equipment was affected and the nationwide network was paralyzed, KT explained.

Additionally, the work was approved to be done at night, but was actually performed during the daytime, and the problem is said to have grown out of control.

The Ministry of Science and ICT is expected to disclose additional details of the accident, analysis, and measures to prevent recurrence.

The Ministry of Science and ICT is also expected to explain how KT mistakenly thought that a ‘distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack’ was the cause immediately after an Internet failure, but overturned this after about two hours and corrected it as a routing error.

Immediately after the accident, the Ministry of Science and ICT issued an information and communication accident crisis warning ‘Caution’ and formed an analysis team to investigate the cause of the accident, received related data from KT, checked it, and collected expert opinions.

Earlier on the 28th, KT CEO Koo Koo met with reporters and said, “We installed new equipment to upgrade the network, and there was a task of inputting routing information suitable for the equipment. has occurred,” he explained the cause of the accident.

However, it did not disclose specific details such as why the work was done during the day, there was no manual or manager, and where the worker made a mistake.

According to the industry, KT is expected to hold an emergency board of directors meeting on the same day with CEO Koo Koo and others in attendance to discuss damage compensation plans and measures to prevent recurrence.

According to the current KT terms and conditions, users must experience network failures for more than 3 hours a day and 6 hours or more per month to receive damage compensation.

The directors are expected to discuss the issue of revising the current terms and conditions compensation standards, compensation plans for the damage, and compensation plans for small business owners and the self-employed.

CEO Koo said on the 28th, “I will improve the damage compensation part according to the terms and conditions.” .


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