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The government changed the plan. Procurement of AstraZeneca Vaccine Increased to 121 million doses

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The government expands the purchase plan “AstraZeneca” is 121 million doses, total 26 billion baht.

On August 24, 2021, reporters reported that Amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, aims to vaccinate at 100 million doses, covering 50 Thais. million or 70% of the population by 2021

The prime minister has reiterated to relevant departments to expedite the provision of sufficient COVID-19 vaccine, both in part that the government provides for free injections to the people. and alternative vaccines This is to meet the target of 100 million doses in 2021, including the 2022 target, in accordance with the resolution of the National Vaccine Commission, which has agreed to adjust the COVID-19 vaccine supply framework to 120 million doses.

Currently, the government has provided vaccines. by the Committee for Driving the Procurement of the COVID-19 Vaccine For Thai people from 3 brands of 122.1 million doses as follows

  1. AstraZeneca 61 million doses
  2. Sinovac 31.1 million doses
  3. Pfizer 30 million doses

Including the provision of alternative vaccines from 2 brands, totaling 15 million doses as follows:

  1. Sino Farm 10 million doses provided by Chulabhorn Royal College
  2. 5 million doses of Moderna vaccine provided by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization and the Thai Red Cross Society.

While the results of vaccination in Thailand (Since February 28) from the Ministry of Public Health database Recently, the total number of people who received the vaccine was 27,612,445 doses, divided into the cumulative amount of injections, the first dose of 20,830,673 cases, the second dose of 6,230,511 and the third dose of 551,261.

Adjust plans to order AstraZeneca, adding 60 million doses

The latest report from the Government House (Aug 23), the Thai government has adjusted the plan to purchase an additional 60 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in 2022, worth 17,820 million baht, which is expected to be concluded within the agreement. September 2021 and if the agreement goes well Thailand will have AstraZeneca vaccine increased to 121 million doses.

As for the purchase plan for the first 61 million doses in 2021 with a total value of 9,150 million baht, AstraZeneca Co. has coordinated with the Ministry of Public Health Confirm that it will accelerate the delivery of the remaining vaccines within December 2021 for sure.

Plan for purchasing 7 vaccine brands in 2021

As for the progress of the government’s plan to purchase vaccines to prevent covids in 2021, a total of 7 brands are as follows:

1. AstraZeneca Vaccine (AstraZeneca): 61 million doses ordered, 14.7 million doses delivered and 1.46 million doses donated vaccines.

2. Sinovac vaccine (Sinovac): ordered 31.1 million doses, delivered and bought 13.4 million doses, remaining 17.7 million doses (in August-September), 1 million vaccine donated NS

3. Pfizer vaccine (Pfizer): 30 million doses ordered, not yet delivered. With only 2.5 million doses received, divided into 2 lots, the first lot has already received 1.5 million doses, while the second lot is 1 million doses, due in the fourth quarter.

4. Johnson & Johnson Vaccine (Johnson & Johnson): The Company has requested to postpone the contract. due to production problems

5. Sputnik vaccine : waiting for registration from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

6. Sinofarm vaccine (Sinopharm): Chulabhorn Royal College Imported and delivered 5 million doses, remaining 5 million doses

7. Moderna vaccine (Moderna): The Government Pharmaceutical Organization / Thai Red Cross Society plans to import 5 million doses, with delivery scheduled for the end of 2021.

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