The government is providing air conditioners to 15,000 low-income households

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, promoting a low-income class energy efficiency improvement project
Installation of air conditioners in up to 190 social welfare facilities
Ask related organizations to promote ‘Energy Money Back’ in the second half of the year

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Although an unprecedented heat wave is expected this summer, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is promoting an energy efficiency improvement project for low-income households with a government budget of 99.6 billion won in 2023.

The energy efficiency improvement project for low income homes is a project that promotes heating support such as insulation and building windows, installing high efficiency boilers, and cooling support such as installing high efficiency air conditioners for low income and social homes. welfare facilities.

This year, we plan to install high efficiency air conditioners in 15,100 homes and up to 190 social welfare facilities for vulnerable people who use energy.

In May, in order to ease the energy cost burden of the disadvantaged due to the increase in electricity and gas rates, the government postponed the increase in electricity rates for a year to 313 kWh, the average consumption per household for the disadvantaged, and expanded. the scope of the energy vouchers. .

Meanwhile, Vice Minister Kang Gyeong-seong of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy visited Hana Rest Day Care Center for the Disabled, a social welfare facility located in Mangwon-dong, Seoul yesterday (7th), and inspected the site where there is air. air conditioners were provided to the socially disadvantaged when using energy in the summer.

In addition, related organizations such as the Korea Energy Agency and Korea Electric Power Corporation, which participated in the inspection, were asked to actively promote the ‘Energy Cashback’ in the second half of the year, which began to apply on 7 June.

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