The government rocked the economic recovery loan 50 billion to contribute to us, won 31.1 million people.

Archom Termpittayapaisit

The government moves about 50 billion baht in economic recovery loans to contribute to the project “We Won” 31.1 million people.

Mr. Archom Termpittayapaisit Minister of Finance disclosed that “Prachachat Business” has been adjusted to move the loan under the Royal Decree authorizing the Ministry of Finance to borrow money to solve problems, cure and restore the economy and society Affected by the coronavirus outbreak 2019 2020 from the first economic and social rehabilitation plan (Plan 3), the amount of 50,000 million baht was used to pay relief money to people who Affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 New wave through the project “We Won” 3,500 baht 2 months

It is combined with the loan under Plan 2 or a plan or project that aims to provide remedies and compensation to the public sector, farmers and entrepreneurs. Some remaining

“The budget of the rehabilitation plan of 400 billion baht in the Royal Decree, the 1 trillion baht loan can be moved. Which has recently moved 50,000 million baht together with the remaining remedial money Which will be enough to alleviate the suffering of 3,500 baht for 2 months “ Mr Arkom said.

While after the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) on 19 January ago. Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mr. Supatthanaphong Phanmichaow revealed that the Cabinet approved the project “We Win” for 2 months, totaling 7,000 baht, totaling 31.1 million people, spending a total budget of 2.1 billion baht

It will use the source of money from the loan. To mitigate the effects of the epidemic of COVID-19. Help with income for people who are affected Because the government is not silent The government estimates that the COVID epidemic will not end quickly.

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