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The government’s investigation team completely replaced, “the government bulletproof” and “Nambul”

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Justice Minister Park Beom-gye and Prosecutor General Kim Oh-soo are discussing a proposal to reorganize the prosecutor’s office and the appointment of middle officers at the Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 20th. [사진 법무부]

Regarding the appointment of mid-level executives in the prosecution service conducted by the Ministry of Justice on the 25th, critics within the prosecution are criticizing it as “a person for the government’s bulletproof” and “a typical person in the middle of the civil service”.

In this personnel appointment, all of the chief prosecutors who are investigating power cases, such as the case of suspicion of planning at the Blue House, were replaced. An official from the prosecution evaluated this as “a bulletproof person to protect the regime at the end of President Moon Jae-in’s term.” A chief prosecutor in the metropolitan area said, “As expected, he has no principles and is a person who only takes his side.” He said, “I can’t even say that I was disappointed because there were no expectations because the massacre of prosecutors targeting the government has been repeated since the current administration.”

Prosecutors (such as Song Kyung-ho, Mayor of Yeoju, and Shin Bong-soo, chief of Pyeongtaek) who investigated key passport figures such as corruption in the family of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk and suspicion of interference in the election of the Blue House Ulsan Mayor were relegated to high-level prosecutors in this appointment. On the other hand, Kim Hak-eui, a former Vice Minister of Justice, is being tried in a case of illegal departure. Prosecutor Lee Kyu-won was promoted to deputy chief, and Deputy Prosecutor Jeong Jin-woong of the Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office, who was on trial for assaulting Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon, was moved horizontally to the Ulsan District Prosecutor’s Office.did. In response, a high-ranking prosecutor in the prosecution said, “Prosecutors who investigated the current regime were relegated one after another, and pro-government prosecutors maintained their positions even after being prosecuted.”

Another official of the prosecution pointed out that “good prosecutors were put under old swords.” He added, “I admit that political arrangements are inevitable no matter what government comes in. However, this administration seems to have no common sense at all, such as omitting many competent prosecutors from promotions and excluding them from investigations.”

An executive who was in charge of human rights at this time said, “I don’t even know what the hell he’s doing.” There are also voices of dissatisfaction among the critics who were not the subject of this appointment. One reviewer said, “I was assigned regardless of the experience I had accumulated for more than 20 years,” and said, “I am a person who does not know the principles at all.”

At the plenary meeting of the National Assembly’s Legislative and Judiciary Committee on the morning of the same day, Minister of Justice Park Beom-gye responded to the point of Rep. Jo Su-jin, who said, “The only thing to do is to crush the investigation of power-type corruption” in relation to the appointment.Certain cases are possible by a new investigation teamjudged that Balanced personnel in the right placedid,” he said. On the way to the Gwacheon Government Complex of the Ministry of Justice on the afternoon of the same day, he met with reporters and emphasized that it was “a greeting that was done in harmony, balance, and fairness in its own way.”

By Kang Kwang-woo, Jung Yu-jin, and Ha Jun-ho, staff reporters [email protected]

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