The grand opening of the competition!! “The Star Searchs for the Stars 2022”, a young girl who dreams of becoming a star

The stage of the legendary singing competition “The Star Finds the Sky and Grabs the Stars 2022” kicks off the prestigious competition. with the first live broadcast of the final 8 contestants in “Be Myself Song Problem” with a song that expresses yourself Live broadcast directly from the theatre. Muangdhai Rachadalai Theater Sunday night, December 4th. In this competition, the result seems that a young girl who comes with Passion who dreams of becoming a star Sali-Somwimala Na Ubon No. 6 must lose the dream, unable to continue at this stage to be the first person.

The atmosphere of the competition today is very lively because the fans have registered for ten thousand tickets. There are lucky people who come to watch the competition live at the Muang Thai Rachadalai Theatre, which can accommodate more than 1,600 people, along with the people of each house also carrying a light sign Give a shout of encouragement to all one of the 8 in the final together warm. Along with tremendous encouragement from seniors like The Star like Rit-Ruangrit Channel 31 senior actors like Film-Thanaphat, Jam-Rachata, guys from LAZ1 and New Gen artists Boss, Pleum, Ton, Wu, it’s time to open the stage to the last 8 people, Pang Pond, Sam, Shin Chan, Shane, The artists, Sally, Mie and James join to sing. “For that star” called to loud cheers, then 2 MCs, Frank-Phakchan and Tam-Warawut announced the official start of the competition. The stage started with young number 1 Pangpond-Suriyakul Phromsen who came in the song “She is my heart”, followed by young man Sam-Samuel Dapradit Akubia number 2 who chose the song “Don’t let her be laid back” to show in their their own method. and then a young man, Shinchan-Yanathip Chaijun, number 3, to show a dreamy voice in the song “The Sleeping Prince”, a young man Isan Saijo, Shane-Patcharachet Techaarikul, number 4, came to dance in the most fun song “Tor Lor Kor”, and then a young artist-Thanakorn, a relative in the middle, came number 5 in the song “Dao Pradub Fah”, the young daughter of Salee-Somwimala Na Ubon, came number 6 in the song “Wat Pala”, and then the daughter of Mi -Punyada Panitphojaman, number 7, came to show the power of the song “Open” and James-Jettaphon Kanitthachat, number 8, came to show the song “Pai Rainbow” closing the competition.

until the important moment when the host Frank-Phakchan and Tum-Warawut announced the results of those who will go on to be the last 7 people, with the score coming from 3 parts, 60% of Thai people’s votes nationwide , 30% from all 3 judges and 10% from 100 votes from the edge of the stage, including Mie, James, Shinchan, Shane, Pangpond, Artist and Sam, meaning that Sali-Somwimala Na Ubon No. 6 was not continue as first person!! follow the movement And come and win the competition every week in “The Star Finds the Sky and Grabs the Stars 2022” every Sunday at 6:00 pm on Channel One 31 and watch online through Application OneD

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