The ground team kicked out 70-year-olds who came to escape the cold… Police chief apologizes

Photo = Screenshot of Busan Dongbu Police Station website

When the story of an old man in his 70s who was kicked out after entering Busan’s Choryang Police Station to escape the cold became known, the police chief in question issued an official apology on the website on the 28th.

Kang Il-woong, chief of the Busan Dongbu Police Station, said, “I sincerely apologize to the complainant for having the person who visited a district police station on the 14th of last month removed from a police station” the area.”

“We are deeply reflecting on not fully considering the situation of the complainant, and we will thoroughly investigate the truth of the matter and take strict action according to the results,” he said.

He then promised, “I will do my best to become a police officer who sympathizes with the people, so as to be considerate of the socially disadvantaged and examine the small voices of the people carefully, so that such cases do not happen .”

On the 14th of last month, Mr. A, a woman in her 70s who missed the last train at Busan Station at about 0:05, went to warm up at a police station belonging to the Busan Dongbu Police Station, but was kicked out in about 40 minutes. Busan Dongbu Police Station’s CCTV (CC) reportedly shows a police officer forcefully pulling Mr A’s arm and another police officer locking the door.

It is said that Mr A, who was kicked out, got into a passing car and went to the civil affairs office of Seobu Police Station, about 3km away, and stayed there until the next morning.

After the event, Mr. And filed a complaint with the police officer, and the investigation is currently underway. It was found that the employees of Seobu Police Station who were protecting Mr A until the morning provided Mr A with convenience such as a stove and blankets until the morning.

In a phone call with, an official from the Dongbu Police Station said, “The case was assigned to the Busanjin Police Station, not the Busan Dongbu Police Station, which has jurisdiction, for reasons of fairness.”

He added, “In the future, we will continue to train employees in accordance with public sentiment.”

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