The Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs held a policy presentation in our city. After RCEP comes into effect in the Philippines, enterprises will welcome new opportunities_News Section_Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government Portal

Jiangmen Daily News (Reporter/Reporter Ling Xuemin/Jiang Guanxuan) From June 2, my country will implement the agreed tax rate applicable to RCEP ASEAN members on certain imported goods originating in the Philippines . After RCEP entered into force for the Philippines, all 15 members have completed the entry into force procedures and implemented tariff concessions together, and the agreement has entered a new phase of full operation. Under this opportunity, on the afternoon of May 31, the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs held a policy presentation in our city to explain in detail the preferential rules of origin implemented in our country.

The seminar was held through the “online + offline” method, attracting more than 200 enterprises from the Jiangmen customs area to participate, and the atmosphere was warm. The doubts and questions raised by the representatives of the enterprises were answered one by one in the briefing session. “Our understanding of the policy is limited. Through this lecture, we can understand the latest developments of RCEP in a timely manner, which can better help us take advantage of market opportunities.” Zhang Jiahua, customs manager Heshan Yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. , He said that RCEP is a manufacturing enterprise The development has opened up a new space Artus paper products are mainly exported to Europe, America, and countries along the “Belt and Road”. Since RCEP came into effect, the company’s export share to ASEAN has continued to increase. “We are currently evaluating the RCEP market, hoping to find new business growth points.”

Since RCEP came into force, policy dividends have continued to be released. Jiangmen Customs has assisted enterprises in the customs area to actively use RCEP policy to capture the international market, expand product imports and exports, and help foreign trade to stabilize the scale and optimize the structure. From January to April, Jiangmen Customs issued 12,100 preferential trade agreement certificates of origin for goods exported to RCEP members, worth 4.058 billion yuan; enterprises independently issued 60 RCEP origin declarations, with a value of 239 million yuan.

Meng Shengnan, Head of the General Origin Department of the Jiangmen Customs Department, submitted that after RCEP comes into force for the Philippines, in the field of trade in goods, the Philippines will add zero-tariff treatment to automobiles and parts of my country, some plastic products, textiles and clothing, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. After a certain transition period, the tariffs on the above products will be gradually reduced from 3% to 30% to zero. All these will provide more free and convenient conditions for the advantageous enterprises in Jiangmen to expand their trade with the Philippines.

After the full launch of RCEP, Jiangmen Customs will continue to collect core requirements, opinions and suggestions from enterprises, promote self-service printing of certificates of origin, declarations of origin and other measures to benefit enterprises and facilitate the people, and help enterprises’ foreign trade sail to the sea


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