The Guilty Gear Strive DLC character reveal has been delayed until April.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023, 3:00 am 11:00 Indochina time.

Arc System Works announced that the character DLC The next one to reveal for him Guilty Gear Effort It will be postponed until the following month from the month originally announced. In the beginning of December last year, the Arc System Works released A chaser character brief DLC The 8th to come Guilty Gear Effort which is part of Season Ticket 2nd position of the game by A chaser It was shown during ArcRevo 2022 which is the developer’s first fighting game tournament.

This has been published in the account. Tweet the officer Arc System Works which indicates that the upcoming 8th character and their new stage will not debut in March, but the staff Guilty Gear Effort Chose to postpone it until the beginning of April. claiming that they want to provide the best possible quality to a fighter In this new tweet, the developer also apologized to fans who had been waiting for the March reveal. And a polite thank you to everyone for understanding their reasons.

The responses to tweets from fans were full of positive and understanding messages. In addition, many fans started setting up their wish lists and character predictions. Guilty Gear Effort The next one, with some hoping it will be my sister Ramlethal Valentine or Elphelt Valentine The others hoped to be ABA from Guilty Gear Isuka

from previously disclosed information a fighter The 8th most likely person for Guilty Gear Effort it’s likely Delilah which A chaser What was revealed in December last year seems to suggest this as well. A chaser It shows a cut of Guilty Gear Endeavor – Another Story – DLC how Delilah Was introduced by a girlfriend called my sister Bed and an important part of DLC This, although it is very likely to be Delilah debuts as the next playable character in Season Ticket 2nd place, but for now it’s just a guess.

Guilty Gear Effort Available now on PC, PS4 a PS5 version part Xbox One a Xbox Series X/S coming in 2023


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