The ‘hallucinating run’ that didn’t pay a penny… Up to 300 million won from next year


If you have an accident while driving while using drugs, the insurance company pays the full amount because there are currently no regulations on drugs. But from next year, you will have to ask for up to 300 million won in your own money. Also, if you drink alcohol or have an accident without a license, the burden increases significantly.

First of all, reporter Kim Seo-yeon will explain how car insurance changes with a real case.


A black car collided with seven vehicles ahead of it in Haeundae, Busan.

It turned out that the driver had hallucinations from smoking marijuana.

Nine people were injured, including a critically ill person diagnosed with 12 weeks of dislocation, and vehicles were severely damaged.

The insurance money they received was 810 million won, and all of them were borne by the insurance company.

The perpetrator himself did not pay a penny.

This is because there are no regulations on drugs in the current car insurance terms and conditions.

The Financial Supervisory Service decided to change the terms and conditions from next year to close this blind spot.

If a drug-drinking driver causes an accident, he has to pay up to 150 million won from January and 300 million won from July with his own money.

For example, in the case of the Haeundae accident, the driver pays 300 million won out of the 810 million won insurance, and the insurance company pays the remaining 510 million won.

When an accident occurs due to drunk driving, hit and run, or driving without a license, the burden on the driver increases significantly.

[조모 씨/음주운전 사고 피해자 : 전화로 미안하다는 표현도 하지 않았고 전혀 반성의 기미가 없어서 가해자가 나오는 이런 행태에 도저히 참을 수가 없어가지고 법원에 진정서를 넣었습니다.]

This is because despite the increase last year, there are still many accidents.

Now, you have to pay up to 150 million won in your own money, but from July next year, you will have to pay up to 320 million won, which is more than double the current amount.

(Video design: Kwan-hoo Kim)


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