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Deceased chief of staff, arrest warrant Lee Jae-myeong
Listed as a ‘Lee Jae-myeong carrier’

Mr Jeon, who served as chief of staff to Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myeong of the Democratic Party and Governor of Gyeonggi Province, was investigated as a suspect during the prosecution’s investigation into the Seongnam FC donation. Jeon’s name was also mentioned in the recent trial of Lee Hwa-young, a former peace vice governor in Gyeonggi-do. The psychological burden of having your name mentioned in a situation where prosecution is imminent seems to have influenced the extreme choice. According to Hankook Ilbo’s coverage on the 10th, Mr. Jeon is mentioned 23 times in the arrest warrant application for CEO Lee, which was released last month. He was identified as a conspirator in the Seongnam FC donation case with CEO Lee and former Seongnam city policy secretary Jeong Jin-sang.


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