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‘Kimchi~’ There’s no way to say miso…
AI Interviewer Wants to Laugh Joker

The result of the interview that Dong-A Ilbo reporter saw after 10 years was shocking. This report card is the result of the reporter’s mock AI interview for an artificial intelligence (AI) coverage. I remember I went through a pretty high competition rate when I joined the Hankook Ilbo, but on what basis did AI give such a worst evaluation? Since I was already in the company, I wasn’t desperate, so I might have had a sullen look on my face without even realizing it. So, the intern reporter who will soon be entering the job market took on the challenge with even more determination. Then, the intern reporter also received a strict evaluation, with a ‘26% chance of passing’ and a ‘bottom of 7%’. But in the next interview…


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