The hardest boss is Malenia, Elden Ring’s 1st Anniversary Stats Revealed

The hardest boss is Malenia, Elden Ring’s 1st Anniversary Stats Revealed
2023.03.21 13:13 Game Mecca Reporter Kim In-ho

▲ The Elden Ring celebrates its first anniversary in February (photo source: Elden Ring official website)

Elden Ring, voted the best game of 2022, celebrated its first anniversary and released data related to combat and death.

On the 20th, Bandai Namco Entertainment released a battle infographic commemorating the first anniversary of the Elden Ring. The data includes top 5 boss attempts, cause of death, summon share, top 5 spells used, and top 5 acquisition attempts.

First of all, in the past year, Elden Ring users have challenged the boss about 6 billion times. Among them, the most attempted puzzle was ‘Michela’s Blade Malenia’, which has recorded 329 million attempts. Even if you look at the entire From Software game, it seems that many users have had difficulty clearing it, as it boasts of extreme difficulty. It was followed by ‘Mulgit, a terrible sign’ in 2nd place with 281 million views, ‘Tree Guard’ in 3rd with 277 million views, ‘Radagon with the Golden Rule’ in 4th place with 148 million views , and ‘Radan Shalu’. Stars’ in 5th place.’ recorded 139 million times.

All users died a total of 9 billion times in a year, the biggest cause being ‘enemies and NPCs’, which accounted for 69% of the total. Next, 15% of deaths were due to abnormal conditions such as poisoning or blood loss, 14% of deaths were from falls, and only 2% of deaths were caused by other users.

The most used charm was ‘rock coal’. Although it is a spell that can be obtained at the beginning of the game, it uses less FP and has good power, so many users loved it. The second most used spell was ‘Crystal Shooting’, followed by ‘Philosophy Stone’ in 3rd place, and ‘Geosword’ and ‘Breath of Corruption’ in 4th and 5th place.

In addition, the prayer he received most was ‘Gras y Goeden Aur’. It was followed by ‘Stone of the Beast’ at No. 2, and then ‘Swear on a Golden Tree’, ‘Crazy Fire’ and ‘Life of the Beast’ at Nos. 3, 4, and 5, respectively.

Finally, of the approximately 1 billion retrieval attempts, only 12% of them were intrusive. This seems to be because the difficulty the intruder encountered was a little too much. Elden Ring is about to deal with at least two intruders in order to reduce the harassment of beginners by experts through raids, which was common in the previous Dark Souls series.

▲ Published infographic (image source: Bandai Namco Entertainment official website)

Elden Ring can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and costs 64,800 to win.


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