‘The Heart of Evil’ Kim Nam-gil, the serial killer arrested… The highest viewership rating of 10.8%

SBS ‘Those who read the minds of evil’ Kim Nam-gil uncovered the truth of the murder case. broadcast capture

‘Those who read the mind of evil’ Kim Nam-gil arrested the real culprit in a serial murder case. With a criminal behavior analysis team emerging, expectations are high for Kim Nam-gil’s future activities.

In the second episode of SBS’s new drama ‘Readers of Evil Minds’, which aired on the 15th, Song Ha-young (Kim Nam-gil) uncovered the truth of a serial murder case using a criminal behavior analysis technique. Kook Young-soo (Jin Seon-gyu) strongly insisted on the need for a criminal behavior analysis team, and Song Ha-young accepted this, and the birth of Korean-style profiling began.

Previously, Song Ha-young delved deeply into the murder of a woman. The perpetrator entered the house of a woman living alone and committed the murder, then stripped the victim naked. Song Ha-young’s boss, Park (Man-sik Jeong), identified the victim’s lover, Bang Ki-hoon (Oh Gyeong-ju) as a suspect, and obtained a confession through a coercive investigation. However, Song Ha-young couldn’t shake the suspicion that Bang Ki-hoon might not be the culprit. At that time, Yang Yong-cheol (Ko Geon-han), the criminal in a serial sexual assault case called the ‘Red Hat Incident’, was arrested. Yang Yong-cheol said to Song Ha-young, “(Bang Ki-hoon) is not the culprit.” Afterwards, another murder case of a woman similar to the Bang Ki-hoon case occurred.

Song Ha-young went to Yang Yong-cheol directly. Yang Yong-cheol accepted the interview after Song Ha-young put in the deposit. Song Ha-young asked Yang Yong-cheol why he thought Bang Ki-hoon was not the culprit. Yang Yong-cheol said that it was a habit to strip the victim naked after killing him. He also said that the real culprit was clearly different. Song Ha-young narrowed the scope of the investigation, remembering Yang Yong-cheol’s words.

Then, a teenage boy named Jo Kang-moo (Oh Seung-hoon) hid in a woman’s house and was caught. There were scissors in Jo Kang-mu’s pocket. Song Ha-young noticed that Jo Kang-moo’s head was pressed down as if wearing a hat. Song Ha-young had a hunch that Jo Kang-moo was involved in two murders and began to pressure Jo Kang-moo. In the end, Jo Kang-moo got caught.

Song Ha-young understood the psychology of criminals through interviews. And it was used in the investigation. However, public opinion criticized Song Ha-young, saying that she was helped by criminals because she had no ability. As accusations against the police grew, Kook used this as an opportunity to form a criminal behavior analysis team.

Eventually, the criminal behavior analysis team that Kook Young-soo longed for was formed. Song Ha-young moved the luggage from the Dongbu Police Station to the Criminal Behavior Analysis Team. The appearance of Song Ha-young, who entered the dusty office alone, raised expectations for the birth of Korean-style profiling.

According to Nielsen Korea, the second episode of ‘Readers of Evil Minds’ recorded an audience rating of 8.1% in the metropolitan area. The highest viewership rating per minute soared to a whopping 10.8%. The 2049 viewership rating was 3.6%, ranking first in the entire Saturday drama.

‘Those who read the minds of evil’, featuring Kim Nam-gil and Jin Seon-gyu’s passionate performances and delicate directing, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

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