The Heartwarming Stories of Song Joong-ki, Choi Seong-guk, and John Park: Fathers in the Spotlight

Title: Prominent Celebrities Welcome Parenthood Before Chuseok

Subtitle: Song Joong-ki, Choi Seong-guk, and John Park Embrace Fatherhood with Joy

[Seoul]—On September 22nd, a press conference for the film ‘Hwaran’ took place at Megabox COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu. The movie revolves around a young boy named Yeon-gyu (played by Hong Sa-bin), who yearns to escape from the harsh realities of life. Fate leads him to encounter Chi-geon (played by Song Joong-ki), the middle boss of a formidable organization. ‘Hwaran’ is a captivating noir drama that delves into their intertwined journey. During the meeting, acclaimed actor Song Joong-ki provided insights into his role in the film set to release in 2023 [OSEN=지형준 기자].

Additionally, heartwarming stories of notable stars becoming fathers have emerged ahead of the Chuseok holiday. These tales inspire and encourage as these public figures embrace their new roles as dads. Among them is Song Joong-ki, who recently returned to Korea to attend a press screening and interview for his latest film ‘Dwarf’s Tale,’ directed by Kim Chang-hoon. Three months ago, Song Joong-ki’s wife, Katie Louise Saunders, gave birth to a healthy son, and the actor expressed his gratitude towards well-wishers in a press conference held after the preview [OSEN=연휘선 기자].

Grateful for the support, Song Joong-ki shared, “I am sincerely thankful for the warm congratulations on the birth of my son. Your kind words mean a lot to me.” In a light-hearted tone, he humorously acknowledged that his baby grew at an astonishing rate. Expressing his love for his son, the actor emphasized his commitment to becoming a responsible and caring father.

Regarding ‘Hwaran,’ Song Joong-ki acknowledged the film’s dark and intriguing script, which echoes the difficulties of domestic violence faced by his character. Reflecting on the interesting parallel with his new role as a father, he dispelled any concerns about the dark nature of the film, stating, “Despite now having a newborn I adore, I remain unworried about making such a profound film. In fact, I hope that someday my son will proudly say, ‘Dad made a film like this'” [OSEN].

In another notable instance of celebrity parenthood, 52-year-old actor Choi Seong-guk welcomed a healthy son on September 23rd, making him a father at an age farther along in life. Choi Seong-guk’s wife, 24 years his junior, gave birth, surprising the actor who expressed his astonishment at the rapid changes in his life. He playfully shared that the name ‘Chuseok’ was chosen, taking inspiration from the expected delivery date falling around the Korean harvest festival. Regardless of gender, Choi Seong-guk affirmed his joy and gratitude for the arrival of their beloved late child [OSEN].

Meanwhile, singer John Park joyfully embraced fatherhood as well, as he and his non-celebrity wife welcomed their daughter on September 25th. Having tied the knot in June of the previous year, the couple named their newborn daughter ‘Merch Babo.’ His agency, Music Farm, issued an official statement proclaiming the well-being of the mother and child, and requested support and blessings for John Park and his family. The singer shared his delight through a heartwarming image on his social media platform [OSEN].

The news of these celebrities-turned-parents has brought forth an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes. The heartwarming messages align perfectly with the upcoming Chuseok holiday, spreading cheer among the public. Online fans excitedly embraced the announcements, with numerous “uncles” and “aunties” expressing their joy. Rejoiced by their favorite stars, people eagerly anticipate the journey of these newfound parents [].

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[OSEN=지형준 기자] On the afternoon of the 22nd, a press conference for the movie ‘Hwaran’ was held at Megabox COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ‘Hwaran’ is about a boy, Yeon-gyu (Hong Sa-bin), who wants to escape from a hellish reality, and finds himself in a dangerous world when he meets the middle boss of an organization, Chi-geon (Song Joong-ki). It is a noir drama that depicts the story that develop as they come together Actor Song Joong-ki holds a meeting. 2023.09.22 /

[OSEN=연휘선 기자] From Song Joong-ki, who left as an actor and returned to Korea as a father, to singer John Park, who ordered ‘Daughter’s Fool’. The stories of stars who became fathers before the Chuseok holiday give us encouraging stories.

Song Joong-ki recently visited Korea for a press screening and interview of the movie ‘Dwarf’s Tale’ (directed by Kim Chang-hoon). Three months have passed since Katie Louise Saunders, turned British actor, gave birth to a healthy son last June. Accordingly, he expressed his feelings about becoming a father to domestic reporters in a press conference held after the preview, saying, “Many people congratulated me on my new son, and I am sincerely grateful my to have the opportunity to greet you as much as you congratulated me.”

“Thanks for all the congratulations, the baby is growing up healthy. This is my first baby and I’m a first time dad, and my wife is a new mum too, but I had no idea the baby was growing so fast. grew very, very fast,” he joked, adding, “I was doing well next to the baby. He also expressed his fatherly love, saying, “I think I have to become a good person.”

Regarding ‘Hwaran’, Song Joong-ki said, “The script was attractive, and in a way, it seems accurate to describe him as a boy who suffers domestic violence. It seems that his mentality and’ to fully grown emotions. This strange boy is a victim of domestic violence.” I wanted to express this dark story well. Now I have a baby that I love so much, but I’m not worried about making such a dark film. When I grow up, I hope to see ‘Dad made a film like this’,” he stressed.

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Meanwhile, actor Choi Seong-guk became a late father at the age of 52 when his wife, 24 years his junior, gave birth to a healthy son on the 23rd. In a phone interview with OSEN right after revealing the news of his wife’s pregnancy in May, Choi Seong-guk said, “I quickly got married and became a father, and all this is happening in a period of year. I’m dumbfounded.” He said he needed a name and asked for the expected date of birth. It was around the Chuseok holiday. That’s why it was called ‘Chuseok’. “It doesn’t matter if Chuseok is a boy or a girl,” he said. In the end, Chuseok was born a healthy late son before the Chuseok holiday.

Singer John Park became the father of a daughter on the 25th. He booked ‘Merch Babo’ a year after marrying a non-celebrity bride in June last year. Music Farm, the agency, released an official statement saying, “Currently, the mother and child are in good health and stable. We ask for many blessings for John Park and his newborn child.” John Park expressed his joy at becoming a father by posting a picture of a heart on his SNS story.

From Song Joong-ki, who returned as a father and actor, to Choi Seong-guk, who became the father of a late child, to John Park, who ordered ‘Daughter’s Fool’ after a year of marriage, the news about the stars of ‘heartwarming children’ causes cheers and congratulations. Coincidentally, the good news that comes out before the Chuseok holiday brings joy to the public. The reactions from people who call themselves uncle and aunties fans online are already adding to the excitement. /

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