The Hidden Strengths of Thailand: Revealing the True Status of the Country

The True Status of Thailand: Revealing the Facts

Thailand’s Economic Achievements on a Global Scale

  1. Out of the nearly 200 member countries of the United Nations, only 156 have met the qualifications to become members of the World Trade Organization. Thailand proudly stands as the largest economy among them, ranking 31st in the world.
  2. Thailand holds the 24th position in terms of purchasing power in the global market. This has attracted the attention of the EU and the United States, who are eager to establish a free trade area, known as the Free Trade Area with Thailand.
  3. As the 28th largest exporting country in the world, Thailand’s export industry plays a crucial role. Disruptions in Thailand’s exports, as witnessed during the 2011 floods, not only impact the nation but also cause disruptions worldwide. It is imperative to effectively manage such situations to ensure stability.
  4. Thailand’s economic significance extends beyond its borders. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has reported a substantial influx of foreign investment amounting to $200 billion in Thailand. This investment is a testament to the country’s attractiveness as a destination for economic growth and prosperity.
  5. Comparing Thailand globally, it ranks 17th as one of the easiest countries to invest in, alongside countries like Canada and Germany. This favorable investment environment is attributed to the seamless loan processes, efficient construction projects, fast availability of skilled labor, and streamlined business registration procedures.
  6. Thailand is a prominent player in both import and export sectors, ranking 20th in the world. This signifies the country’s active involvement in international trade and its contribution to the global economy.

Thailand’s Diverse Economic Contributions

  • Thailand is the 17th largest producer of industrial products worldwide, highlighting its manufacturing prowess and capabilities.
  • The agricultural sector is also a significant pillar of Thailand’s economy, with the country ranking 11th in global agricultural production.
  • Thailand is a major exporter of food products, securing the 6th position in the world alongside Denmark and Australia. The country takes pride in exporting high-quality products such as pork, chicken, eggs, ducks, vegetables, and fruits.
  • The robust tourism industry is another important source of revenue for Thailand, which ranks 19th in terms of the number of tourists visiting the country.
  • Thailand’s expertise in airport services is recognized worldwide, positioning the country at the 17th spot in terms of airport service sales.
  • A notable achievement for Thailand is Bangkok’s recognition as the number one city for tourism, surpassing London in the eyes of foreigners.

Thailand’s Financial Stability and Quality of Life

  • With foreign exchange reserves ranked 12th in the world, Thailand boasts a stable currency and is considered a safe haven in the financial world, akin to the renowned Swiss currency.
  • In July 2011, the World Bank officially promoted Thailand to an upper-middle-income country, affirming its sustained economic growth and meeting the required income criteria since 2008.
  • Thailand has the second-lowest unemployment rate in the world, indicating ample job opportunities for both Thai citizens and foreigners. The presence of approximately 3.7 million foreign workers further emphasizes the availability of jobs in the country.
  • Thailand’s involvement in free economic zones, including partnerships with Australia, New Zealand, China, ASEAN, and Korea, is significant. These alliances encompass a population of 2 billion people and eliminate taxes on 90% of ASEAN group products. The prospect of joining the Mega and Europe economic zones is also appealing.
  • Thailand offers a relatively affordable cost of living, ranking 81st in the world. This makes it more budget-friendly compared to neighboring countries like Burma and Indonesia.
  • Thailand has been hailed as the 8th best investment country globally, an acknowledgment of its favorable investment climate and potential for returns.
  • According to surveys, Thailand ranks as the 9th most suitable country for retirement, making it an attractive destination for individuals looking to enjoy their golden years.

A Welcoming and Livable Nation

  • Thailand embraces people from all religions, providing freedom and acceptance to everyone. The country also celebrates diversity, welcoming gay, tomboy, and lesbian individuals.
  • Thailand’s transport system surpasses that of Jakarta and Hanoi, showcasing its commitment to efficient infrastructure.
  • Clean and accessible bathrooms are a common sight in Thailand, a noteworthy aspect that particularly resonates with women as an essential facility.
  • Thailand is home to a significant number of American expatriates, with over 4,000 individuals benefiting from diplomatic privileges. The presence of such a large community affirms Thailand’s appeal as a preferred destination for American citizens.
  • The Thai people are renowned for their good-naturedness, manners, and calmer disposition, setting them apart from people of other nationalities. They hold foreigners in high regard.
  • Thailand’s climate offers a pleasant balance, neither scorching hot nor excessively cold like in some other countries.
  • Living and working in Thailand is an attractive prospect, as the Thai people are known for their practicality and hospitality, making it a favorable environment compared to other countries.
  • Foreigners have consistently praised Thai culture for its exceptional strength, ranking it 8th in the world and reinforcing the rich cultural heritage of the nation.

These revelations about Thailand’s achievements and strengths should be widely shared among Thai citizens, our children, and grandchildren. They should be proud of their country and its accomplishments. Moreover, it is vital to inform our international friends about these facts, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Thailand. Let us acknowledge and cherish the efforts made by previous generations and our ancestors in building the prosperous nation we enjoy today.

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The true status of Thailand…the Thai people should know the truth

1. Among the countries…that are members of the United Nations…nearly 200 countries…but there are only 156 countries…that have sufficient qualifications…to be members of World Trade Organization… .for Thailand…has the largest economy…number 1. 31 in the world

2. Thailand…is the market with 24th purchasing power in the world…so…the EU And…America is keen…to apply for a free trade area…called a Free Trade Area with Thailand.

3. Thailand…is the 28th exporting country in the world…which shows that…If Thailand cannot export…or has export problems…it can also cause chaos in the world… We have seen this before…when the government didn’t know how to manage water…in 2011…there was a big flood…7 industrial estates…there was a flood…car production. …Production of computer parts was stopped…causing chaos around the world

~ When Thailand had a financial crisis… it caused it to spread to all of Asia… Russia… Europe too… to Latin America. ……It is something that has already happened…during the Tom Yum Kung crisis period.

4. The CIA secretly gathered intelligence…foreign money flowing in to invest in Thailand. Then he said that…Thailand has 200 billion dollars. …This is really an investment. …not money in the stock market …the envy of neighboring countries.

~ Vietnam…invested its best…to build an oil refinery. …It doesn’t seem to matter…distilled. …poor quality oil…unlike the skills of Thai engineers…Thai chemists…Thailand is…an important oil refining country in Asia.

5. Compare across the world. …Thailand…is considered…as the 17th easiest country to invest in in the world…on a par with Canada…and Germany…for example, you can get a loan quickly. …build fast …find people to work fast …register a company fast

6. Thailand… is an exporting and importing country… ranked 20th in the world… Thailand is not bad…

7. Thailand makes money from industry… knowledge base expertise was ranked 30th in the world

8. Thailand is the 17th largest producer of industrial products in the world.

9. Thailand… produces agricultural products… ranks 11th in the world.

10. Thailand… is a food exporter… 6th in the world, along with Denmark and Australia.

11. Thailand ranks 19th in the world in terms of the number of tourists.

12. Thailand sells airport services… 17th in the world.

13. Bangkok and London… competed to be the main city… for tourism in the world… for many years… finally… Bangkok was rated number 1 in the world by foreigners.

14. Thailand has… foreign exchange reserves… ranked 12th in the world, higher than Germany. The currency is very stable. Strong like the Swiss currency, considered a safe haven for the financial world … Right now…we are lucky…to live in a country that is economically prosperous…and…we will continue to prosper.

15. In July 2011, the World Bank…promoted Thailand…to an upper middle income country…because they said the income had met the criteria since 2008…

16. Thailand…has the lowest unemployment rate…second in the world, and there are about 3.7 million foreigners working, which shows that…Thailand has more jobs than the number of workers in the country.

~ The fact that we have a free economic zone…with Australia…New Zealand…China…India…ASEAN…Korea…total population…together 2,000 million people … .90% of products in the ASEAN group…taxes equal to zero…Mega and Europe… I really want to join.

17. Cost of living in Thailand… ranked 81st in the world… much cheaper than Burma… Indonesia.

18. Thailand is classified as the 8th best investment country in the world.

19. If the people of the world were to retire … The results of the survey say that … Thailand is very suitable. who will come to live after retirement in Thailand…ranked 9th in the world

20. Thailand is an exporting country… Number 1 in the world for discs, Number 2 in the world for rubber and sugar exports… Number 6 in the world for rice exports… Number 15 in the world for car sales… Thailand is a producer and exporter… Pork, chicken, eggs, ducks, vegetables and fruit of the best quality Next, we will send flowers… hit the world market… Covent style. English Market

21. Foreigners… like living in Thailand. …Come work in Thailand… Good accommodation, cheapest in Asia…good food…good hospital, all embassies in Southeast Asia, big companies…in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Middle East.. .come to use Thai medical services… Thai medicine is very famous…live in other countries…must come to use medical care services in Thailand…There are dozens of best international schools. …can travel all night…You can drink alcohol all night…There are seas and mountains…forests…there is food from every nation. …the biggest department store…for my wife to go shopping for days…there’s also an electric train…it’s a city for young people. …The general atmosphere is much safer than in many other countries.

22. Thai people… welcome to people of all religions… everyone… There is freedom to… be gay, tomboy, lesbian.

23. Thailand has a transport system…much better than Jakarta…Hanoi.

24. In Thailand, you can often find clean bathrooms. …This issue is extremely important…for all women.

25. The American Embassy…carries Americans to receive diplomatic privileges…to live in Thailand…more than 4,000 people There may be a number of people in the American Embassy. More than people in the American embassy…who could go to live in other countries.

26. Most Thai people are … good natured … they have manners … they are not as chaotic as people of other nationalities. Honor foreigners

27. Thailand… the weather is not very hot. …not very cold…like other countries

28. Thailand is… a nice place to live… a nice place to work… practical people… better than people in other countries.

29. Foreigners…praised Thai culture…as exceptional…strong…ranked 8th in the world.

~ Want to inform…the truth in these stories…to Thai people…our children and grandchildren. …our students… are proud to be Thai… in our Thai nation… Tell your international friends… So they can get to know Thailand better… for you and your children and grandchildren… to know and be proud of your own country. And he will … know that previous generations … and … our ancestors … have worked together to build this country…

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