The higher the price and the higher the number of houses, the greater the reduction in ownership tax… In the case of 3 houses, there is also a case for a tax reduction of 63%

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As the government tries to set holding tax (property tax + comprehensive real estate tax) at the 2020 level, next year’s holding tax (property tax + comprehensive real estate tax) is expected to decrease by more than 10% compared to this year. .

In fact, the government turned the official price realization rate back to before the system was implemented, and issued a complex prescription that lowered the fair market value of property taxes by 45%. Those who benefit most from these measures are single-family and multi-family people who own expensive flats. In particular, for multi-household people with 3 houses, the official price of all the houses they own goes down, and the tax reduction effect due to the increased tax is large, so there may be cases where the withholding tax is reduced by more. than 50% compared to the current one.

Government measures were prepared based on the current public price. House prices are falling rapidly due to rising interest rates and the economic recession, so next year’s property tax may be lower than in 2020.

On the 23rd, Kyunghyang commissioned Shinmun Woo Byung-tak, head of the real estate team at Shinhan Bank’s WM Consulting Center, to analyze the change in ownership tax according to the revised plan. If this revised plan is implemented, it will decrease by He won 15.12% (7,091,885) to 39,796,769.

The unique area of ​​Seocho Acro River Park of 112.96㎡ was found to be 18.25% (5,121,917 won) smaller, from 28,062,028 won to 22,940,111 won. The property tax on the exclusive 84㎡ area of ​​the nearby Raemian Firstige also decreased by 17.9% from 17,633,572 won to 14,537,063 won.

The exclusive area of ​​84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio in Mapo-gu, Seoul, considered the largest apartment in Gangbuk district, is 3,614,281 won, which is 18.9% (843,944), decreased from 4,458,225 won current . The same apartment of 114.7㎡ is also expected to see an 18.6% reduction in ownership tax (1,102,262 won) from 5,916,624 won to 4,814,362 won. Even in the same complex, the higher the price of the apartment with the wider limited area, the greater the reduction in the holding tax.

The 84㎡ exclusive area for Hangaram in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, decreased by 19.5% (1,330,455 won) from 6,803,711 won to 5,473,256 won.

Owners of two or more houses also had a big reduction in the ownership tax. Mapo Raemian Prugio unique area of ​​84㎡ and Daechi-dong Eunma Apartment of 84㎡ For two house holders, the holding tax next year was 50,587,384 earned if is the original the plan was followed, but after the improvement was applied, 43,888,791 were won, an increase of 13.2% (6,698,593 won) was calculated to decrease. This is lower than the withholding tax this year (53.58 million won).

Exclusive 84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio and 84㎡ for Jukdong Prugio, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 2 houses will reduce their ownership tax next year by 11.6% (1,462,824 won) from 12,535,631 to 11,072,807 won. This is lower than the withholding tax this year (17.39 million won).

In some cases, the ownership tax for owners of three or more houses was reduced by more than 60%. If you own 112.96㎡ for Acro River Park, 84㎡ for Eunma, and 3 houses of 82㎡ for Jamsil Jugong Complex 5, your ownership tax will be reduced by 63.8% (103,91738 won) from 157,193,577 won to 51,839, won. As the reduction in the comprehensive real estate tax decreased significantly, the overall reduction in the withholding tax also increased. The property tax simulation was calculated based on a fair market value ratio of 45% for property tax.

If you own 84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio, 84㎡ for Eunma, and 84㎡ for Jukdong Prugio in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, the holding tax decreased by 12.8% (6,895,436 won) from 53,612,863 won to 74,6,71.

Woo Byung-tak, team manager, said, “Due to the transaction cliff, there were some complexes with or without actual transaction prices, so it was difficult to estimate the market price on January 1, 2023.” ) Results may vary.”

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