The highest number of cases of gastritis and Omicron… ‘Possibility of extending distance’



The number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by more than 1,500 in one day, increasing to the level of 5,000 again.

The number of severe cases and the number of confirmed cases of Omicron infection were the highest.

Whether the current social distancing will be extended is due to be announced on Friday, with the prospect of an extension prevailing.

Reporter Cha Seung-eun reports.


There are 5,409 confirmed cases of COVID-19 nationwide.

In one day, the number increased by 1,544.

As Christmas passed and the cold weather subsided, the number of tests became similar to the usual level, and the number of confirmed cases increased again.

The number of critically ill patients reached 1,151, setting a new record for the highest number.

Omicron mutations are also spreading more and more.

The number of patients infected with Omicron in Korea increased by 109 to 69 from overseas and 40 from Korea, bringing the total to 558.

The number of infections per day is the highest since the outbreak.

In response, the government decided to extend the measures to strengthen overseas immigration control by four weeks, including restricting the entry of short-term foreigners from 11 African countries and suspending new ticket sales to Singapore.

As concerns arise that the spread of Omicron mutations may increase exponentially, measures to strengthen social distancing to be announced on the 31st seem to focus on extension rather than easing.

<김부겸 / 국무총리> “I think the best answer for now is to speed up vaccination while suppressing the spread of Omicron as much as possible through thorough quarantine.”

It will take more time for indicators such as intensive care unit utilization rate, seriousness, and death to improve, and consensus has been reached on the need to extend the distance.

The government also added that the government should avoid places of crowds during the year-end and New Year holidays so that people can resume normal activities and be actively tested for COVID-19.

This is Yonhap News TV, Cha Seung-eun. ([email protected])

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