The highest number of cases of gastritis and Omicron… weight on distance extension


The number of new cases of COVID-19 increased by more than 1,500 in one day, rising to the level of 5,000 again.

The number of severe cases and the number of confirmed cases of Omicron infection was the highest since the outbreak.

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Yes. Yesterday (28th), a total of 5,409 corona19 confirmed cases nationwide came out.

In just one day, the number increased by 1,544.

As Christmas passed and the cold weather subsided, the number of tests returned to normal, and the number of confirmed cases has increased again.

The number of severe cases of severe disease reached 1,151, setting a new high for two days in a row.

The daily death toll fell to 36.

As the number of critically ill patients is soaring, the death index is also not reassuring.

Omicron mutations are spreading more and more rapidly.

Yesterday, the number of patients infected with Omicron in Korea increased by 109 to 69 from overseas and 40 from Korea, the highest number of infections per day since the incident.


It is known that the omicron mutation is 2-3 times stronger than the delta mutation.

There are concerns that the spread of omicron mutations will increase the size of the epidemic even more than it is now.

It is predicted that the social distancing measures to be applied from next week will remain at the current level.


Yes. The quarantine authorities cited the spread of omicron mutations and the possibility of dominant species as risk factors for COVID-19.

As concerns arise that the spread of Omicron mutations could grow exponentially, measures to strengthen social distancing to be announced on Friday seem to focus on extension rather than easing.

Let’s listen to the Prime Minister’s remarks.

<김부겸 / 국무총리> “I think the best answer for now is to speed up vaccination while suppressing the spread of Omicron as much as possible through thorough quarantine.”

It is also known that the ‘Daily Restoration Support Committee’, an advisory body composed of government officials, economics and quarantine experts, also expressed an opinion that the current distance should be extended by at least two weeks.

Dang also agreed that it would take longer for indicators such as intensive care unit operation rate, seriousness, and death to improve, and agreed with the need to extend the distance.

Accordingly, it is predicted that the basic framework such as prohibition of private gatherings of more than 5 people and limit of operating hours for multiple facilities will remain and the quarantine rules for each industry will be adjusted in detail.

So far, it has been delivered by the Seoul Plaza Temporary Screening Inspection Center. (

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