The highest win rate in June is LG… Homer 1st Byeong-ho Park, RBI 1st Lee Jung-hoo

LG Twins with highest win rate in June

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Namjik Han = The LG Twins were the ‘best team in June’ in the KBO League of Korean professional baseball.

Park Byeong-ho (36) of kt wiz drew 10 arches in June, including 6 home runs in 5 games at the end of June, and Jeong-hoo Lee (24, Kiwoom Heroes) scored 27 RBIs in 25 games and showed off his solver skills.

LG recorded a win rate of 0.714 with 15 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses in 22 matches in June. Kiwoom ranked second in the win rate in June (0.667, 16 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses).

LG, who was in fourth place on May 31, moved up to third place, and the gap with No. 1 SSG Landers narrowed from 7 games on May 31 to 3 games as of June 30.

The players who led LG’s counterattack in June were the foreign starting duo.

Casey Kelly, 33, appeared in five games, won all of them, and pitched with an ERA of 1.91. Kelly was the first to complete 10 wins (1 loss) in the KBO league this season.

Adam Plutko (31) also played in five games in June with four wins and an ERA of 1.71.

The two foreign pitchers worked together to win 9, which is 60% of LG’s 15 wins in June.

LG finisher Ko Woo-seok kept the back door with 8 saves (No. 1 in June), and Woo-young Jung also tied for first place in this category in June with Kim Jae-woong (Kiwoom) with 7 holds.

Byeong-ho Park, 1st home run
Byeong-ho Park, 1st home run

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At bat, Park Byeong-ho and Lee Jung-hoo, who wore different uniforms from this year, still support each other stood out. Park Byeong-ho played at Kiwoom with Lee Jung-hoo until last year, but this year he made a fresh start at kt.

Park Byeong-ho hit 10 home runs in 24 games in June. Park Byeong-ho, who hit 5 home runs in 23 games in April, drew 11 arches (25 games) in May and hit 10 home runs in June.

Park Byeong-ho is sprinting to the top of the table with 26 home runs, far outpacing second-placed Hyun-soo Kim (LG) and Jeong-hoo Lee, who hit 14 home runs.

From the beginning of the season, Lee Jung-hoo, who predicted “Senior Park Byung-ho will become the home run king,” also hit 8 home runs, which is the ‘personal record for most home runs per month (previously 5 in July 2020)’.

Jung-hoo Lee performed very well in June with a batting average of 0.392 (2nd), 38 hits (1st), 27 RBIs (1st), a slugging percentage of 0.691 (2nd), an on-base percentage of 0.496 (2nd), and an OPS of 1.187 (2nd).

June 1st in RBI Lee Jung-hoo
June 1st in RBI Lee Jung-hoo

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The performances of Park Byeong-ho and Lee Jung-hoo also affected the team’s performance.

Kiwoom ranked 2nd in monthly win rate and 2nd in the mid-season ranking, chasing 1st place SSG Landers by 1.5 games.

KT, which was in 7th place until May 31, also jumped to 5th place in June with 14 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses (win rate 0.609, 3rd place).

Although the results in June (13 wins, 1 draw, 10 losses, win rate, 0.565) were lower than in April (19 wins, 1 draw, 5 losses, win rate 0.792) and May (15 wins, 1 draw, 10 losses, win rate 0.600), SSG started ( From April 2) to June 30, when 75 matches were played, they did not give up their first place spot for a single day.

Although there was a crisis in June, we broke through with the performances of key players.

Wilmer Font (32) and Koo Chang-mo (25, NC Dinos) jointly ranked first (1.24) in ERA in June, and Kim Gwang-hyun (34) was also in third place with 1.50.

Choi Jeong (35) took first place in June with batting average (0.418) and OPS (1.245).

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