The Highways Department has clarified the road, Chet Chok Khot, pointing out that Covid has delayed meeting the contractor

The Highways Department has confirmed after the villagers were in trouble. Chet Chok Khot Road states that the coronavirus has been delayed When will it be prepared for the contractor to complete? Cancel the contract if the goal is not reached

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Because of villagers in Mapyangphon Sub-District, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, gathered together on the side of the road Route 3013, Pluak Daeng – Bowin. in front of the village of Sasithorn 26 to call on the relevant agencies Speeding up the process of solving problems that have not been completed by road contractors for many years causing trouble for those who commute causing accidents, injuries and dozens of deaths on the road this. After 3 months left, the contract will expire. but he only did 50 percent as already reported. read news : Show again, the road is endless It has been built in 5 years, less than 50%, 3 months left.

Latest date 15 August 2022, Rural Roads Department Issued letter No. Kor Kor 0706 explaining the trouble in terms of building road 3013 which has been delayed until it causes trouble for road users and villagers on both sides of the road by Mr. Yongyuth Pengmuang, director of the Road Construction Bureau The Rural Roads Department explained that during investigations, it was discovered that the road that appeared in the news was a rural road, Ror.

The Highways Department has confirmed after the villagers were in trouble.  Chet Chok Khot Road indicates that the coronavirus has been postponed

The Highways Department has confirmed after the villagers were in trouble. Chet Chok Khot Road indicates that the coronavirus has been postponed

Rural Roads Department Therefore, I would like to explain the facts as follows:

1. The road construction started since March 20, 2018. The construction style is to expand the original road with 2 traffic lanes to 4 traffic lanes. The community has a central island, 1.50 meters wide, with drainage systems and sidewalks on both sides. Outside the community area, there is a central island, 4.20 meters wide, without footpaths, and lights are placed on the central island along the road. Construction distance 16.460 kilometers

2. Problems causing delays in the construction work This was due to utilities along the original road which hindered the construction of road widening works along the road, including a 24 kv electricity pole with communication cables Provincial Electricity Authority, Bueng . and Provincial Electricity Authority, Pluak Daeng District, 115 kv power poles Region 2 Provincial Electricity Authority (Chonburi)

Provincial Water Works Authority water pipes, Pattaya Branch (Special Floor), Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited (Eastern Water), Eastern Water Supply Company Limited, Green Water Company Limited, Community Water Supply Company and natural gas pipelines PTT Public Company Limited. The problem was resolved in October 2020.

3. Following the completion of the introduction of the area, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 has been declared a state of emergency in all local areas throughout the Kingdom. Since March 26, 2020, the Prachapat Limited Partnership contractor Labor shortage and lack of liquidity unable to build at full capacity

4. Due to the problems mentioned above, the Department of the General Manager has announced measures to help entrepreneurs during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 by setting the fine to 0, which Prachapat Company is entitled to a fine of 0 until December 10 , 2022

5. At present, the Rural Roads Department has banned the contractor from accepting work with the Rural Roads Department. until the work is completed

6. The Rural Roads Department has expedited the contractor to prepare the remaining construction plans when completed. The plan will be presented on August 18, 2022. If the results do not go according to the plan, we will proceed according to the rules and regulations to cancel the contract to recruit contractors new.

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