The hilt was held by Tottenham! “Conte re-contract option activated at any time”

[골닷컴] Reporter Dong-Ho Kim = Tottenham Hotspur have a chance to renew their contract with manager Antonio Conte. Tottenham could renew their contract with Conte if they want.

Recently, there has been talk of Conte taking over at Juventus. He refuses to renew his contract with Tottenham and is set to leave for Juventus, who are failing under Allegri. The Italian coach, Conte, has already been in charge of Juventus for three years from 2011. It is a familiar platform for Conte as he is also the boss of the Italian national team and Inter Milan.

Conte’s partnership with Tottenham will end in the summer of 2023. There is less than a year left until the end of the contract. However, there is no news about a contract renewal. Conte wants to invest heavily in the squad. He often expressed his displeasure towards the management team in press conferences. These reasons overlap and it is speculated that contract renewal is slow.

However, it was confirmed that Tottenham were responsible for renewing the contract. England’s ‘Football London’ reported on the 22nd (Korea time) that “Tottenham have the option to extend Conte’s contract at any time.”

“Previously, both sides had the option to agree to an extension. But for now, Tottenham have the option and can renew their contract at any time. “

According to Football London, Conte, who had been dissatisfied with Tottenham until last season, has completely settled with the team. In collaboration with general manager Fabio Paratici, who comes from Italy, like Conte, he quickly signed seven players before this season. Of course, I wanted more reinforcement, but I think that’s enough.

Conte is trying to instill a ‘winning mentality’ at Tottenham. He has won league titles at Inter Milan and Chelsea. Tottenham are also trying to make a team that can challenge for the title. ‘Football London’ predicted “It will be a long-term project to make Tottenham a team that beats Spurs.” “If Tottenham continue on their current path, Conte will remain part of their long-term plans for the future. Heung-Min Son and Kane have a strong link with Conte and Tottenham know the importance of Conte. “

Conte took over at Tottenham last season and moved crisis-hit Tottenham into fourth place. Under Conte’s influence, Tottenham returned to the Champions League stage after three seasons. This season, they are still unbeaten in the league and are in third place.

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