The historical strategy game “Old World” is scheduled to be launched on Steam and GOG platforms in June to support traditional Chinese

The historical strategy game “Old World” developed by Mohawk Games is officially listed on Steam and GOG platforms. It is officially scheduled to support traditional Chinese in June.

Developed under the leadership of Soren Johnson, chief designer of Civilization 4, Old World is a historical strategy game where players will lead generations of dynasties to compete against other nations. Players will be able to wage massive wars, manipulate a court, build an empire or watch it fall apart.

The official pointed out that “Old World” has the background of ancient and classical era civilizations, including seven player civilizations including Babylon, Persia, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Carthage. The non-player tribes in the game world include Gauls, Numidians, Scythians, Vandals and Danish Germans. The R&D team has integrated more than 3,000 events based on historical facts or legends into the game. Players and foreign Interactions of dignitaries can trigger events that become part of a character’s memory, affect relationships between characters, and are closely related to subsequent events.

Players control a family of rulers in The Old World. Rulers grow old and die, and dynasties are passed down from generation to generation. So rulers need to marry, raise heirs, and manage family affairs. In addition to the player’s own family, each civilization will have four noble families, and each noble family can provide different resources for the cities under its jurisdiction.

Players must balance the needs of different noble families, satisfy them through marriage, rewards, etc. and let them check and balance each other. If there is a family with a long-standing grudge against the ruler, or if one family dominates, rebellion may break out. Players can choose to be loyal, or they can choose to develop an ambiguous relationship with multiple characters.

The official said that “Old World” will bring new changes to the key elements of 4X strategy games. The command pool will be a resource shared across fields. There is a certain total number of commands in the command pool for each round, and players can allocate the use of commands by themselves. The scope of use of directives includes the movement of units, as well as the decision-making of domestic and foreign affairs. Each unit can be moved multiple times until fatigue or command exhaustion. In this way, although the unit’s actions per turn are still capped, the cap is much higher than in traditional 4X games.

The Old World is available on Steam and GOG.

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