The history of Georgia honors, the eighth game loses SEC after another


Georgia has no richest history in the men's basketball, but it has been available for the SEC Champions and was at Final Fours. Many of the players who helped put banners at Stegeman Coliseum back to the building on Saturday when a Literary Day took place.

In that regard, coach Tom Crean was screaming on Saturday. Crean was planning to attend the audience after the Bulldogs against Ole Miss, and it was not successful. Not only did Georgia lose the eight SEC games, but was left home at 80-64 in the afternoon, the team was wearing a retro uniform.

"I'm really surprised to be honest," Crean said. "It means a lot, quite, they were quite terrible and we met the team hardterday yesterday. The most difficult losses are you taking when you have coaches and lettermen in the stands. That's the worst . "

The most part of the season could not be easily facilitated, Crean showed frustration signs after the loss of the home court on Saturday. He continued to follow issues with the defenses, defense-ball and the concept of "mental". He succeeded in the decision he made last spring to respect the scholarships of the players who were returning to the Bulldogs.

"It's all of me because the person I decided to keep these people," said Crean during his news conference. "It's all of me, and I found it. The last thing I can do after deciding to keep guys in the spring now is too mental because they are the person who made the decision. I live with that every day. "

Crean's frustration was clear with the team's performance on Saturday. Well, at least for a last 35 minutes.

Shoot Georgia really out of the gate. The Bulldogs made three three points and set 71.8 percent on the floor to build a 10-point lead only guiding four minutes by the Ole Miss Kermit Davis coach.

But the Bulldogs went from 18-8 up to 45-33 at halftime. The worst bit of the season was the result, and that is saying something to the SEC worst ball handle. Georgia lost the ball 16 times in the final 15:11 of half play. He did so at first sight of the season, and also liked them well.

There was nothing shorter than the last seconds of the half. When he came out of five seconds together, Georgia put the ball into a five-fifth defeat trying to enter the ball under his own basket. Then, after Miss Ole returned the ball on a breach of travel, Tyree Crump was asked for a bruised play trying to achieve an final shot. Georgia never got that shooting

He brought 16 major high season seomers for the first half. The appearance of the season-high, 26 full game against Texas came easy. The Bulldogs put only four others on the rest of the way but lost their sense of offensive attacks. Meanwhile, they were out of the community 38-32 – taking into account 13-9 offenses – and Miss Ole defeated 19 points.

"Damage those catches for us, but they did not have that fight and they did not come back and wanted to beat them, they were not very frightened," said Sophomore forward Nicolas Claxton, who was his third The lowest score score of the year is nine points. "As we come out and play hard, we just need to get it right."

Jordan Harris's Bulldogs junior guard took 10 points and 11 rebounds. Tyree Crump and Rayshaun Hammonds also won 10, but Hammond's team had five worst visitors and sent them five minutes.

"Everyone has just sold out, we just have to tackle the end," Harris said. "Anyone likes to play from the west, but when we get behind many negative things that carry and get worse, that is what we are doing."

Eight eight consecutive SEC games for the first time lost Georgia (10-13, 1-9 CSS) in 2009, when Dennis Felton was retired among the streak. Ole Miss – is his first season about the new Kermit Davis system – which improves to 16-7 in full and 6-4. The junior guard Breein Tyree was about the rebels with 31 high career points.

The Bulldogs will see Losing the stroke Tuesday at Texas A & M. The Aggies came to Saturday with the same 1-8 CSS records as Georgia did. But it will only be better if Crean can bring a big change.

"We are working hard on a daily basis," said Crean. "When you've lost some games, you'll be moving on it or you're coming down for you and we've seen too much today. … I've been spending too much time today for everyone keep up. "

That also includes itself.

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