The Hong Kong Association amended the regional flag of the national anthem to lead the team to ask the organizer to sign the receipt for confirmation

The Hong Kong Association and the Olympic Committee

The Hong Kong Olympic Committee and Association revised the “Guidelines for the National Anthem and Regional Flag” for the Hong Kong team to participate in the competition. The team leader must ask the organizer to sign the receipt to confirm that the anthem correct national and regional flag received Teams must refuse to attend, and the new guidelines will come into force on 1 June.

The revised guidelines require all sports associations to obtain a kit from the Hong Kong Association before each departure to take part in an international competition, which includes 2 computer or USB hard drives with the correct national anthem and 2 regional flags , as well as information for competition organizers The Hong Kong Association will also assign specific personnel to arrange delivery of the signed receipt.

The new guidelines state that the official contact of the national anthem, the specifications of the regional flag, and the correct specifications of the regional flag must be provided to the assembly according to the email template before the general assembly leaves, and’ the team leaders and the team members must also be instructed. The team leader must also ensure that the organizer signs a standard receipt to confirm in writing that he has received the relevant materials; and before the national anthem is expected to be played or the regional flag raised, the national anthem and the regional flag must be. checked again on the spot, otherwise the team members will be refused participation in the competition or award ceremony. Once the wrong national anthem is played or the wrong national flag is raised, the Hong Kong team will make a “T” sign to protest, or even leave the field. The team leader should immediately report to the National Sports Association, and the chairman of the association must call the Hong Kong Association within 2 hours and submit a simple written report on the next working day. If NSAs do not follow the guidelines, membership, allowances or funding can be suspended.

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