The hope of realizing the peaceful reunification of the motherland is vivid – the white paper “Taiwan Situation and China’s Reunification in the New Era” has generated powerful repercussions-China Day by day

Xinhua Information Agency, Beijing, August 12th. Title: The hope of realizing the peaceful reunification of the motherland is brilliant – the white paper “Taiwan Issue and China’s Reunification in the New Period” has generated powerful repercussions

Xinhua Information Agency Correspondent

The white paper entitled “Taiwan Situation and China’s Unification in the New Period” lately introduced by the Taiwan Affairs Place of work of the State Council and the Information Office environment of the State Council has produced robust repercussions. In the previous couple times, folks from all walks of daily life have expressed in their interviews with Xinhua Information Agency that the peaceful reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in accordance with “1 nation, two methods” will lay a new foundation for China. the advancement and development and the good revival of the Chinese country, and will build enormous opportunities for the economic and social development of Taiwan The significant number of Taiwanese compatriots has introduced tangible gains and they are also conducive to the peace and progress of the Asia-Pacific region oh globe

“Tranquil reunification, 1 country, two systems” is the very best way to make certain countrywide reunification

“The release of the white paper is extremely enjoyable!” Wu Jiaying, president of the Xiamen Taiwan Company Association, said the white paper was timely and totally demonstrated the central government’s robust will and willpower to solve the Taiwan problem and advance the bring about of the reunification of the motherland, and it also mirrored the central government’s willingness to Keep on to strive for tranquil reunification with sincerity and best efforts.

In the course of the 26 many years of enhancement on the mainland, Wu Jiaying has witnessed the built-in improvement of both equally sides of the Taiwan Strait many Taiwanese businessmen have arrive to the mainland to spend and start off businesses, and actively participate in the enhancement and building of the motherland. Wu Jiaying explained that Taiwan Taiwan Business enterprise Association will continue to broadly unite the majority of Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese compatriots, observe the standard trend, realize the justice, adhere to the a person-China theory and “1992 Consensus”, oppose “Taiwan independence”, give complete perform to the part of the bridge involving the two sides of the strait, and market cross-strait economic exchange and trade and cooperation to endorse the peaceful improvement of cross-strait relations, and lead to the realization of the entire reunification of the motherland and a fantastic revival the Chinese country.

The white paper stated that “tranquil reunification and a person place, two units” is our primary coverage for solving the Taiwan situation and the finest way to obtain nationwide reunification. After Taiwan, long-expression steadiness. Ye Jianming, a member of the Nationwide Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Convention and government vice chairman of the Hong Kong Island All Circles Federation, said that “a single place, two programs” has been established in the exercise of Hong Kong and Macau for far more than 20 many years. The prosperous exercise of “just one state, two systems” in Hong Kong and Macau has strongly shown the superiority and potent vitality of this institutional arrangement.

The Monetary Secretary of the Governing administration of the Hong Kong Distinctive Administrative Location, Chen Maobo, mentioned that the results of the exercise of “A person Place, Two Programs” in Hong Kong is widely regarded. Peace, development and a very good everyday living are the widespread aspirations of Taiwan’s compatriots, and creating a superior lifetime is the widespread pursuit of compatriots on the two sides of the strait. “One particular place, two systems” is the finest institutional arrangement for acknowledging the peaceful reunification of the motherland and a good initiative of socialism with Chinese attributes. In the new era and the new journey, beneath the management of the Communist Social gathering of China and the central governing administration, the sons and daughters of the Chinese will definitely gather their mighty forces to boost the reunification of the motherland and notice the great revival of the state. Chinese nation.

Tranquil reunification will produce big opportunities for Taiwan

“The reunification of the homeland and the revival of the country are not only terrific interests, but also good interests.” Yang Yizhou, a member of the Countrywide Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Meeting and vice chairman of the Taiwan Countrywide Federation, reported. following reunification, Taiwan’s peace and tranquility will be completely certain, financial enhancement will be completely increased, and people’s livelihood and welfare will be thoroughly enhanced. Upgrading, Taiwanese compatriots, are specifically youthful people today, a wider environment to create on the mainland.

Wu Rongyuan, chairman of the Taiwan Labor Bash, said that immediately after the peaceful reunification of both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan has broad potential customers for improvement with the motherland as its guidance. Taiwan folks can be certain additional area to take part in international activities below the one-China principle. “Far more importantly, issues this kind of as source distribution and equitable improvement, which are of issue to the performing community and young men and women, also have area and circumstances for reform.”

“Right after several years of enhancement, both of those sides of the strait have formed distinct industrial qualities and powerful economic correspondence.” Wu Jiaying said that the mainland has a huge sector and growth area, and the economic integration of equally sides is the greatest preference. Following reunification, the cross-strait financial cooperation mechanism and technique will be far more ideal, and the mainland will deliver a hinterland and sector for Taiwan’s improvement enterprises on both sides of the strait can jointly create a cooperative worth chain, speed up technologies investigate and progress, and encourage the transformation and upgrading of the industrial construction and trade structure on the two sides of the strait both sides of the strait can jointly grow the market place and share development dividends.

“Cross-strait reunification only gains Taiwan, not losses,” reported Ye Guiping, director of the Macau Social and Economic Advancement Study Middle at Macau City College. national regeneration. Attaining the peaceful reunification of the motherland is in the passions of the whole Chinese country, together with the Taiwanese compatriots, and will present advancement alternatives for Taiwan with breadth and depth. The difficulties that have plagued Taiwan’s economic advancement and people’s livelihood for a extended time can be solved as a result of the built-in growth of each sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Countrymen on both sides of the strait share the excellent glory of countrywide revival

“The social method and way of lifetime of Taiwanese compatriots will be entirely highly regarded, and the private home, religious beliefs, and authentic rights and passions of Taiwanese compatriots will be entirely guarded. All Taiwanese compatriots who help the reunification of the motherland and nationwide renewal are really the masters of Taiwan and take part in the design of the motherland, experiencing the enhancement dividend.” The assertion in the white paper has considerably inspired Lin Kunyou, a Taiwanese businessman who has lived on the mainland for in excess of 20 several years.

“In excess of the yrs, I have entirely felt that the mainland attaches great relevance to the rights and passions of Taiwanese companies and compatriots in Taiwan. The very same therapy would make me experience at home on the mainland,” he explained. Lin Kunyou, sales director of Guangyun Agricultural Biotechnology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., I consider that following the reunification, the vital rights and interests of Taiwanese compatriots will be absolutely shielded, and extra dividends from the growth of the motherland will be shared . Young folks in Taiwan will have more area to build, and they can more effortlessly come to the mainland to research, discover employment, and begin organizations, and they can wander hand in hand with younger individuals from the mainland. Taiwan’s fiscal revenue can be employed to enhance people’s living as a lot as probable, and generally do functional points, do excellent things, and resolve difficult difficulties for the men and women.

Kunshan Taiqing Zheng Guangyi is eagerly wanting forward to the tranquil reunification of the motherland at an early date. “At that time, behind Taiwan’s compatriots, there will be a more robust motherland, people’s livelihood and nicely-remaining will be much better, there will be a lot more area for progress, and the midsection will be stronger, more self-assured, safer and more dignified internationally . , “he stated. , Taiwanese compatriots will share the dignity and glory of a fantastic state with their mainland compatriots, and be happy and happy to be upright Chinese.

“In the system of the excellent renewal of the Chinese nation, we Taiwan compatriots will unquestionably not be absent. We must be witnesses, contributors, promoters, and devotees of the great renewal of the Chinese nation. There will be compatriots on the two sides of the strait collaboration to comprehend the Chinese aspiration. , Share the good glory of countrywide renewal. “Wu Jiaying mentioned. (Reporters Liu Huan, Fu Min, Lu Huadong, Chen Shu, Qi Xianghui, Niu Qi, Liu Gang)

(Liu Huan, Fu Min, Lu Huadong, Chen Shu, Qi Xianghui, Niu Qi, Liu Gang)

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