The horror wooden doll ‘Timore Remake’ will be released on October 4th on Steam

▲ Timor Remake’s representative logo (photo source: the game’s official website)

The Timmore series, a horror game that was popular among gamers, YouTubers, and streamers a few years ago, has returned with a scarier appearance. A remake version will be released on Steam following

Timor is a short horror flash game released in 2014, and as soon as it was released, it received a lot of praise from overseas users. The game is a simple game where you have to escape from the dark hallway to avoid the attacks of the wooden dolls, but thanks to the instructional and scary atmosphere of the users, it is popular in Korea mainly for YouTubers and streamers, and various series have been released. The remake version of the game was released on on the 11th, and will also be released on Steam on the 4th of October.

In this remake version, along with the evolution of graphics, the composition of the map, which was a simple corridor, has also changed much more colorfully. In particular, Timmore, who had the appearance of a normal wooden doll with only a little blood on her, has sharp teeth and large piercing eyes, which gives the player more fear. In the trailer, you can see several enemies appear, including a headless mannequin that breathes life, a piece that looks like a human intestine, and a giant Timor.

The Timor Remake can be downloaded from starting at 0 won and will be released on Steam on October 4th. The price and Korean translation have not been decided.

* The video and screenshots are scary, so watch carefully.

▲ ‘Timore Remake’ representative trailer (video source: developer’s official YouTube)

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