The hot spot is extending the life of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, how effective and safe will it be?

Dr. Paisarn Dankhum, Secretary General of the Ministry of Food and DrugsFDA) reveals that according to issues presented in the online media aboutExtending the validity of the COVID-19 vaccine ohPfizerthat

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would like to clarify that the FDA has a standard for considering extending the life of vaccines in accordance with FDA guidelines.World Health Organization which has been evaluated by experts It is based on long-term stability studies at -60 to -90 ° C, which will be updated from time to time continuously according to the capacity, purity, sterility test data. ) together with information on reports of adverse reactions or product quality problems from consumer drugs. The FDA therefore allows the vaccine to be extended.

However, the vaccine that the FDA considers life-extending is still effective and safe. under a specified temperature and time Which is published on the FDA website

If there is a quality problem or an adverse reaction as a result of using the vaccine You can report to the Health Product Safety Surveillance Center, FDA, or if you have any questions about vaccines, you can ask at the FDA helpline 1556.

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