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There has never been any savior, and it does not depend on a fairy emperor! To create human happiness, it all depends on ourselves! ——International

Although the “Internationale” is played in many European cities, the United States, a mature capitalist economy, originally thought it would be indifferent. However, the Chinese website of the mainstream American media “New York Times” could not help publishing an article called “Musk And the true face of the Trumps: Billionaires are not saviors”, the author is the famous Indian-American journalist Anand Giridharadas (Anand Giridharadas), “Winner Takes All: The Best Deal in History, Taking the World with Charity Masked Elite is his masterpiece.

AP photos

AP photos

The United States is a country that is good at creating fairy tales. Compared to the arrogant Europeans, the United States has incredible screenwriting skills. More than 100 years ago, American capitalists understood that they needed to “get rich and build products”. If they didn’t make money, there would be conflict in society, so they created a capitalist version of “common prosperity” very creatively. Giridaradas spared no effort for everyone Seeking the truth and seeking justice with history. In the article, he first pointed his finger at Musk, the most popular American technology tycoon at the moment. After he entered Twitter, he hyped, fried, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, ignored culture Silicon Valley elite, and ask employees to “work 40 hours a week”!

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