The housewife of “Watermelon Nida” found a tour down. Netizens dug it up and found it as a relative of “Takraw”.

side part “Pam” Reveals that the story that society suspects that it has passed 2 months, this gang just came out to say that they are very close If this did not happen probably wouldn’t come out because not a star not in the industry If you ask me if I’m afraid don’t feel scared I don’t feel anything anymore

“The part that Anna tells me to find a job for this watermelon is acknowledged. Because Anna really found a job. Like you, I have this one. Anna called. Watermelon took it. Anna and Hippo came in before the watermelon died. I started looking for work for Watermelon before my death,” explains Pam, a friend of Watermelon.

Aunt Taeng also added that 2 months, Pam explained further that Before Anna came to see the event, it was a flask that was taken care of.

After finishing the interview There are netizens to dig until they find out. This housewife is a relative of the flask. That melon hired to take care of Nong Easter, so didn’t believe what this housewife said. Some people said “Does the employee need to know all of the employer’s friends? Watermelon, he hired an aunt to be a housewife. When he leaves the house to meet his friends He doesn’t have to report to Aunt whether he’s going out with friends or going to see anyone. And he didn’t even need to bring his aunt out to meet his friends. You’re an outsider, understand?”

Watermelon Nida's maid found a tour down, being dug by netizens as a relative of a thermos

However “Anna” Then came out to move through Facebook saying “Thank you to everyone who called and asked Anna with concern. from the case seenAunt Taeng gave an interview Anna would like to clarify that Anna’s part is Take care of the module in terms of working, selling work and making various products. or if the module is missing any part What can Anna help? Anna has never denied once and is ready to support Mo in every matter.”

Watermelon Nida's maid found a tour down, being dug by netizens as a relative of a thermos