The husband can have relationships with other women, there is nothing wrong with her, the wife says her husband’s happiness is important

Monica Hult, a native of America, gave her husband complete freedom to spend time with other women. Monica, 37, doesn’t mind that her husband John spends as much time as he wants with other women. Monica says that even if her husband indulges in physical relations with other women, she will not blame him for that. Because of that, Monika says there is nothing wrong as a man for a husband to take part in such things for his mental and physical satisfaction.

According to the New York Post, Monica says her husband’s happiness is ultimately her only goal. According to Monica, by giving her partner complete freedom, the relationship between them is strengthened and they respect each other’s personal freedom. Monica says that if she gets in the way of her husband’s wishes and denies him his personal freedom, it will only cause a rift in their relationship.

Monica revealed all these things through the YouTube program ‘Love Don’t Judge’. Monika says that she doesn’t often get to spend time with her husband after working at home and that’s why she has given him complete freedom to find his happiness. As a wife, she says her only goal is her husband’s happiness and she is ready to do whatever it takes for that.

Last Updated March 28, 2023, 11:51 AM IST