The husband cried! Worried about his wife, “Teacher Aoi” disappeared for 20 days, fearing danger, her sister expected to be deceived by a man Father asked to come back to the son-in-law

Sisaket –The husband cried! Worried about the wife of “Kru Aoi”, a mentor teacher who has been missing for 20 days, fearing danger and report to the police at Nam Klieng Police Station While the younger sister reveals that she was deceived by a man As for the father’s concern, he begged his daughter to come back to her son-in-law. Don’t be fooled by other men.

Today (19 June) at 14.30 reporters reported that At 127 Village No. 3, Ban Non Nong Sim, Khoen Subdistrict, Nam Klieng District, Sisaket Province, Mr. Supheeb Nakkham, a special teacher at Ban Sam Sao School, Kantharalak District, led Mr. Rinnarong Khamsrimuang, 48 years old. Which is a relative on the wife’s side, along with Miss Suthida Pha, 38 years old, Samai Pha, 75 years old, residing at 78 Moo 3, Ban Non Nong Sim complained to reporters that Mrs. Wilailak Khamsrimuang or Kru Aoi, 45 years old, works as a mentor at the Child Development Center at Ban Non Nong Sim School. Has disappeared since June 2, 65 in the past 20 days.

Mr. Rinnarong Khamsrimuang, 48 years old, husband of Teacher Aoi
without knowing where it disappeared On the first day she disappeared, Miss Suthida or Muay, the sister of Teacher Aoi. Able to call Teacher Aoi Then it disappeared and could not be contacted again. Mr. Rinnarong has filed a complaint to Pol. Lt. Col. Dolwat Yuenyong, the position of Senator (Investigation) at Nam Kliang Police Station. Sisaket Province inquiry official Nam Klieng Police Station As evidence on June 14, 65, past the picture of Teacher Aoi, his beloved wife, hugged her chest with a sad expression. because he was concerned about Teacher Oi, afraid that he might get hurt

Mr. Rinnarong Khamsrimuang, husband of Teacher Aoi Said with tears in his face that on June 2, 65, around 10:30 am, he told Mrs. Wilailak Kamsrimuang, or Kru Aoi, who is his wife working at a child development center. Ban Non Nong Sim School, Khoen Subdistrict, Nam Klieng District, Sisaket Province, that he was going to work at Ban Nong Kor Rai, Pho Subdistrict, Non Khun District, Sisaket Province, but when he arrived at Ban Nong Kor Rai, the electric current was out. therefore unable to work So he went back to his house to ride in a car. The motorcycle trailer brought the tools back to work at Ban Nong Kor Rai.

before returning to work at Ban Nong Kor Rai he was driving Motorcyclists go to see Mrs. Wilailak at the Children’s Center. and was informed by colleagues that Ms. Wilailak had traveled to the doctor So he called Ms. Wilailak’s mobile phone. But Mrs. Wilailak did not accept the call. But she was informed from a colleague of Ms. Wilailak that she could call and contact with Ms. Wilailak. and know that Mrs. Wilailak has traveled to the city of Sisaket He understood that Mrs. Wilailak had gone to see a doctor.

Later, he learned from the villagers that a taxi with unknown license plate number came to pick up Ms. Wilailak at the Children’s Center. So he went out to inquire about the relatives and friends of Mrs. Wilailak, but no one saw him. Later, he tried to contact Ms. Wilailak by phone. And later on June 3, 65, he learned from Ms. Suthida Pha or Muay, his wife’s sister that she could call Teacher Aoi. their wife It was informed that Teacher Aoi was in Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, and Ms. Sutida had transferred money to Teacher Aoi in the amount of 700 baht.

Teacher Aoi, who has been missing for over 20 days.
And she learned from Mrs. Jintana Pha, another sister of Teacher Aoi that Kru Aoi had asked for money to buy a mobile phone and transferred the amount of 4,700 baht to Teacher Aoi as well. Until today, he and his three children have not been able to contact Teacher Aoi. and did not know where Teacher Aoi was How he lived or died is still unknown.

Mr. Rin Narong Teacher Aoi’s husband said with tears streaming down his face, He never cared for any woman as much as his wife, Teacher Aoi. They have been living together for over 28 years until they have 3 children together, never quarreling with each other. When they were angry, they would cry, “Hey, one word,” and walk into different houses. Previously, he had heard from Teacher Aoi that he would do a career in online sales. by buying a water pump and a lawn mower to sell claiming that there will be people coming out to invest in trading as well And the missing Teacher Aoi this time is expected to be deceived.

“I would like to leave this to Teacher Aoi saying If you go well, you’re happy, that’s okay. But if you can’t go, then hurry back to the son-in-law All relatives are still waiting with concern.” Mr. Rinnarong husband said

Miss Suthida Pha, 38 years old, Aoi’s younger sister, said that after Teacher Aoi had gone, she had changed her phone number and called back to her. Before changing his phone number, he talked to Teacher Aoi that Why do you believe him? He claims that he will make you rich and have money to pay off all the debts, but most of his sisters don’t talk. There are only men who take their sisters to talk. instead The man who took Teacher Aoi and his elder sister would always talk to him on the phone. I will take Aoi to take good care of him. When I will give Aoi back will not be the original sugarcane What debt will not have He had already spoken like that. He said that he would take Aoi on a trip.

He thinks that is it? where are the men Those who have known each other for only a week and then will take their sister on a trip to pay off all their debts is impossible. So he asked to talk to his sister. Teacher Aoi, her older sister, said that she had chosen her own path. He also told me to think carefully. My own path is to go without even a single baht of money with me. How will I go? He spoke to his sister and cried as well. My sister told me not to cry with him. He believed that his elder sister Kru Aoi was definitely deceived.

Mr. Samai Pha, 75 years old, residing at 78 Village No. 3, Ban Non Nong Sim Teacher Aoi’s father said that he was very worried about Teacher Aoi, his daughter. wants his daughter Aoi to hurry back home Come to the son-in-law, come to our family. Why do you want to go to Ban Chong already? Please come back home urgently. Because father and family, all relatives are very worried

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