The identity of the man who was killed by a mine near Doboj has been established – news

Let’s remind you, today around 15.10, it was reported to the Doboj 2 Police Station that this tragedy happened on the hill in the zone of the area that was mined.

Dragan Kos, the assistant director of the Republic Administration of Civil Protection, said that the investigation at the Becanj location in the local community of Lukavica Rijeka in Doboj was completed, and that one person was killed by an anti-personnel explosive spring mine – PROM-1.

A person was probably killed while digging out some shell casings, when the mine was activated. The people who were with him were not injured, as was first reported, but they were thrown away by the detonation, Kos said.

” We pulled the body out of the minefield. “Tomorrow, the team of the BHMAK Mine Removal Center will come out with us and together we will determine exactly which mine it is, and according to the first information, it is a PROM-1 mine,” Kos pointed out.

He said that the police are working to establish the identity of the victim, who is most likely from Tešnj and is around 50 years old. they write independent

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