The iFLYTEK virtual singer Luya is here, playing AI + music

When I was a child, I watched science fiction films, and the robot in it had an unshakable rule, that is, change all the shades to one. This is perhaps one of our earliest “stereotypes” of robots.

But it is unexpected that decades later, AI robots can imitate human speech to be indistinguishable from true and false – not only talking, but even singing AI, it can make you seriously doubt your ability to differentiate

Recently, another AI virtual singer became popular, iFlytek’s Luya.

Luya officially announced her official debut on August 26, 2022. With big eyes, pink ball head, energetic and cute image, and fashionable and cool clothing styles, it is easy to inspire people’s love.

As a virtual singer, Luya not only has a cute and playful image, but also has excellent singing skills. You can feel his latest single “The Shimmer in the Mist”:

Listening to this sweet timbre, this emotional singing voice, this smooth and natural ventilation and pitch change, if you don’t know beforehand, is it hard for you to imagine that this is singing by AI?

Coinciding with this new single is the news that Luya will be joining the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He will enter the “Music Engineering Department – Xunfei Music Joint Research and Development Center” of Shanghai Music, participate in the “AI + Music” research and development and learning, and explore more possibilities to AI empowers music.

This can’t help but make people more interested in the stories behind Luya.

Behind the singing voice that resembles a real person, there is a strong technical guarantee

In recent years, indeed there have been many “virtual digital people” around us. Most of them have stunts, or they can draw and write poems, or they can sing and dance, and become the “idols of a new generation “. Luya is iFlytek’s first AI virtual singer. In terms of “singing skills”, Luya is definitely outstanding and special among many virtual singers. After all, the iFlytek behind her has always been known for its powerful AI voice and language technology.

In addition to the newly mentioned “Glimmer in the Mist”, Luya also released another single earlier, titled “Polaris a Meteor Shower”, which achieved the singing effect similar to a real singer, with a refreshing voice that is easy to do. The smart singing style, to use the words of netizens: “It’s like ice cream in the summer, which makes people feel happy”.

In addition, on Luya’s social account “LUYA does not eat braised duck”, you can also see other works she sings. The singing is elegant and beautiful in an ancient style, fresh and light in folk songs, and electronic and funny.

When you listen to these works by Luya, I believe you will be amazed and ask questions:

What magic did iFLYTEK gather to make Luya’s singing so natural and sonorous?

Here we might also explore the advanced AI voice technology behind Luya.

The first thing to be clear is that Luya is different from many virtual singers who use real voices.Its tone is created entirely by AI, rather than a real person’s voice. That is, the fresh voice you hear is truly unique to Luya, and it is also Luya’s unique label.

So, how does AI make Luya’s singing so natural and comparable to real singers?

simplyIt is to use AI to enable debugging and determine the target audio system, as well as operations such as audio conversion, and then integrate customizing an expert experience.Luya will be able to “sing as much as you want” with a beautiful sound that is unique to her.

In this way, Luya’s song performance not only has a strong “Luya quality”, but the sound quality is also quite natural and full of emotion.

At the same time, there is also the advantage that real people’s voice will be unstable and often difficult to adapt to different styles of music, while Luya’s voice can adapt to different styles and is more stable and guaranteed.

So we can see that in the account “LUYA Don’t Eat Braised Duck”, Luya can easily handle different music singing styles, and his singing voice and expression are very stable, and he is a very “strength singer” .

In short, based on such a strong set of technical support, Luya can naturally win more people’s love with its amazing “sense of technology” and stable and high-quality “singing strength”.

Not only does she sing well, Luya also has a role that you can’t expect

Although Luya is iFLYTEK’s first AI virtual singer, it is not the first time iFLYTEK has made use of AI to empower music.

In 2019, iFLYTEK established the iFLYTEK independent music business line. In 2021, the iFLYTEK music label held its first industry-wide press conference. During this period, iFLYTEK Music used AI technology to make music judgments, such as judging the growing space and trends in song promotion, or judging song plagiarism, music appreciation, creation, etc., and so its model formed its own from iFLYTEK Music. In addition, they also use the capabilities of AI technology to empower the music market industry chain, such as copyright management, music market dynamics and singer information supervision, and song promotion and settlement.

Luya is another exploration attempt of iFLYTEK Music in the field of AI + music. Unlike the previous one, which mainly focused on music brand marketing, artist brokerage services, and operations, Luya’s debut this time undoubtedly carries more journeys to empower music with AI. , and will also explore and relate to deeper areas of music.

In other words, as an AI virtual singer, the significance and mission of Luya’s debut is not only to show the outside world that she can sing well, but more importantly,She can make her own unique contribution to the development of the music field.

For example, the collaboration between Luya and Shanghai Conservatory of Music is a further exploration attempt in the field of AI fusion music. With Luya’s learning and evolution in Shangyin, she will further extend from singing to lyrics with the help of AI, composition and other fields in the future, and she will also use her ability to conduct fusion experiments with different kinds of music styles together with Shangyin, such as using technology The methods match songs of similar styles, break down chords and melodic tendencies, and integrate tracks, etc., in order to promote innovation and expansion of music in terms of basic theory and creation.

In a word, such a virtual singer can provide huge possibilities and imagination space for the collision of music and technology in the future. With the wings of AI, the art of music will have a new driving force for innovation, and the technology behind Luya also being the result of Combining with the depth of art and continuously developing, this is the spark that collided with each other.

Of course, for Luya, with a beautiful and touching singing voice, full of vitality, a fresh and pleasant image, together with the powerful technology behind it and the possibility to promote the development of music art, these features also make Luya becomes a new generation. of virtual idols Great potential.

And Luya herself also has a wealth of “personality” elements. For example, she is a talented girl with a bright and eccentric personality. Her dream is to create black technology that makes everyone happy and happy. She also has a faithful companion lying down a duck.

And Luya’s musical talent and ability came from a mistake in a scientific and technological experiment. She and Lying Duck were part of a magical musical space, full of musical energy. Luya sings and dances bravely, and can transform the musical energy. Transformation to energize vitality, gain happiness and joy…

Knowing these stories makes Luya seem more three-dimensional and more accessible to ordinary audiences. Idols are really always flat, we can only see it from a distance, it is not so much that Luya will become a new generation of idols in the future, it is better to say that Luya will become a music partner that every one of us communicate with him. her at any time and share happiness with her in the future.

Finally, the “metaverse” has almost become people’s consensus on the future of technology, and “human illusion” is the basic element of the metaverse. The appearance of Luya also allows us to further see that in the future metaverse period, “virtual singers” should be able to What kind of existence and image. The era of the metaverse is still far away, but Luya has used virtual identity to bring us happiness and real feelings.


In the story, Luya entered the magical music space he called “Lutopia”, and since then embarked on a journey of growth that gathers vitality through music and brings happiness and joy to everyone.

Just like our expectations for AI technology, we hope that technology can create happiness and bring happiness to humans. That’s how Luya was born.

And her journey is still going on, what kind of works will Luya use to move us, and what kind of performance will surprise us? I believe that friends who know her and like her will sing full of expectations.Return to Sohu, see more

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