The image is difficult to find. The “former hero-heroine”, a former soldier, comes together for the first time.

If anyone is catching up and living in the past decades Familiar with the familiar faces of celebritiesVeteranthese, who played the role in the pastheroine, hero most recentlyreunitetogether in the ceremony to announce the list of national film heritage in the cinema (Public Institution) by the event, there are people involved in film making. And veteran stars were present at the event, including Naina Chivanan, lead actor of Mun Mam Kham Kham, Yaowaret Nisakorn, lead actor of Brass Ring, Krailas Kriengkrai and Chandra Chainam, lead actor of the film. Goddess Bar 21, including Somkiat Wituranit, director of the film AutumnSonata, etc.

By Mr. Chaiyapol Suk-iam, the representative of the Minister of Culture has announcedmovie list He had 12 storiesregisterinheritageNational Film of the Year 2022, organized by the Film Archive, Ministry of Culture. The list of films registered is as follows:

1. Businesses in the Ministry of Trade and Transport ACTIVITIES OF THE MINISTRY OF TRADE AND COMMUNICATIONS [2470 – 2472]

2. End to end[2470 – 2473]

3. Nang Index (1953)

4. The coronation ceremony of Patriarch Michel Mongkol (Ar) Prakongchit (1953)

5. House and land arrangement competition (1954)

6. Field Marshal Sarit for America (1958)

7. The Children and the Bear (1959)

8. It Comes With Darkness (1971)

9. Brass Ring (1973)

10. Goddess Bar 21 (1978)

11. Sor. Wor. Room 2, season 44 (1990)

12. Autumn Sonata Love That Waits (2009)

Film Heritage Statement

Merge the old main character

Uniting the old heroine

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