The image of Luo Meilan’s new drama partner Zhao Zhenxiong of Ms Leopard is deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.Repaying her husband’s debts is affectionate and righteous_Role_Acting_Works

Original title: Luo Meilan’s new drama partner Zhao Zhenxiong’s image of Ms. Leopard is deeply rooted in the people’s hearts. She is affectionate and righteous to pay her husband’s debts.

Recently, according to Korean media reports, actor Luo Milan will star in JTBC’s new drama “Bad Mom”. In this work, Luo Milan will partner with Zhao Zhenxiong and Li Daoxuan. “Bad Mother” tells the story of a mother who had to become a bad mother to her children. This work is directed by the director of “Monster”, I believe that the shooting effect must be excellent.

Luo Meilan won Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards a few days ago for “The Honest Candidate”, and her acting skills have been confirmed once again by people inside and outside the industry. On winning the award, Luo Meilan said that she was very surprised. She did not expect to win such a prestigious award. Thank you very much for your love. I will continue to bring more exciting works to the audience in the future.

Do not look at Luo Meilan’s debut for more than ten years, but in fact Luo Meilan only had the opportunity to play the leading role when she was almost 40 years old. Before that, she had always played some supporting roles, which can be considered as the type of “daughter-in-law becoming mother-in-law”. In 2015, Luo Meilan starred in the family TV series “Please Reply 1988”, where she played the unforgettable role of “Ms. Leopard” in Shuangmendong. With the role of Ms. Leopard, Luo Meilan’s acting career has reached a small peak, and then there are many film appointments.

After that, “Fuyandong Avengers”, “Inner Beauty” and “Black Dog” all reflected Luo Meilan’s great acting skills. She is very talented in shaping characters, and she gives people a refreshing feeling every time, and she is like herself. character’s own will.

Luo Meilan has also experienced many hardships in her life and emotional life. In the early days, Luo Meilan experienced a very difficult time. At that time, Luo Meilan had not become popular yet, and her acting career had just begun . But at that time, Luo Meilan’s husband had a lot of debt, and in order to pay back the money for her husband, Luo Meilan also lived a very hard life, and even had to rely on selling things to support her life itself.

Although life is very difficult, Luo Meilan never thought of giving up this relationship, and has always been together. And now both of them have finally succeeded and lived a normal life.Return to Sohu to see more