The images of the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband

An American judge in San Francisco decided, on Friday, that the video recording of the assault with hammer blows on Paul Pelosi (82 years old), the husband of the former president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (82 years old), should be made public.

In the video images from October 28, 2023, recorded by the witness camera of the police who intervened at the Pelosi family home in San Francisco, Paul Pelosi and his aggressor, David DePape (42 years old), appear in the hall and both hold a hammer which the agents ask to let him go.

The aggressor refuses this and pulls the hammer towards him, before violently hitting Paul Pelosi over the head, but the impact is not visible in the footage.

The police rush into the house, trying to remove the attacker from his victim, who is lying on the floor, who appears unconscious.

“What’s going on, man?” the officer asks.

“Everything is fine,” DePape replies.

“Drop the hammer,” says the officer.

DePape says “hmmm, no” and tries to pry the tool from Pelosi’s grasp. Pelosi says, “Hey, hey.”

DePape gains control of the hammer, finally raises the hammer above his head and delivers a blow.

At that moment, Pelosi disappears from the camera and the cops rush in. They called for reinforcements as they battled DePape and Pelosi lay on the ground…

The footage also shows the alleged attacker previously breaking a glass window to enter the Pelosi family’s San Francisco home.

First, he approaches a door with glass windows, shortly after 2 in the morning, leaves and then returns with a large backpack and two other bags.

He puts the items down and pulls out a hammer, pausing to put on gloves, then uses it to break the glass in the door so he can enter.

Paul Pelosi was sleeping when DePape entered the house. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington at the time and under the protection of her security team, which does not extend to family members.

After DePape ran over Paul Pelosi into the bedroom, he tried to reach for a phone, but DePape blocked his way, authorities said.

Pelosi then told DePape that he needed to use the bathroom, and that was where his cell phone was charging, allowing him to call 911.

Paul Pelosi’s 911 call

Later, in the recordings made public, Paul Pelosi can be heard calling 911, embarrassed, apparently with the assailant by his side.

  • Pelosi appears to be communicating with the dispatcher in an indirect way, so as not to provoke DePape, but becomes increasingly direct over the course of the roughly three-minute conversation.
  • At one point, he asks if anyone from the US Capitol Police is around, given that Nancy Pelosi was not in San Francisco at the time.
  • After he says… “I have a problem, but he (DePape) thinks everything is fine,” the dispatcher tells him he should call again if he needs to.
  • At that point, Pelosi responds: “No, no, no, no, this gentleman just came into the house and he wants to wait for my wife to come home.”
  • He tells the dispatcher he doesn’t know DePape, but DePape identifies himself as a “friend.”
  • Toward the end of the call, Pelosi says, “He wants me to hang the hell up. Good?”

Fortunately, the dispatcher could tell from Pelosi’s calm voice — and DePape’s responses in the background — that something was wrong, so he coded the call as priority, which led to a faster police response , notes

Pelosi survived the brutal attack, but had to undergo surgery for a “fractured skull and serious injuries to her right arm and both hands” and was discharged a week later.

The publication of the recording comes after a decision by Judge Stephen Murphy, who thus wanted to put an end to speculation, despite the opposition of the parties, both the defense and the prosecution, according to Agerpres.

Nancy Pelosi also said Friday that she has no plans to watch the tape.

“It would be extremely difficult to see an attack on my husband’s life,” she told CBS.

“First of all, I’m interested in my husband’s well-being,” she explained, adding that Paul “has made some progress” but that he still needs “at least three months to get back to normal.”

David DePape, a 42-year-old Canadian, former nudist activist and follower of conspiracy theories on social networks, stated that he entered the house of the Pelosi family with the intention of attacking the Speaker of the House, a few days before the elections in half term.

Charged with, among other things, attempted murder, he denied all the charges brought against him, although he stated during his interrogation that he wanted to attack other American personalities as well. If convicted, DePape faces life in prison.

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