The Impact of Toxic Political Parties on the Future of Generation Z: A Heartbreaking Story of Loss and Isolation

Researcher at University of Arkansas highlights concerns over political parties

Suphanat Apinya, a dedicated researcher at the MAST Center and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the prestigious University of Arkansas in the United States, has taken to social media to express his concerns about the role political parties play in society.

On 9th September 2023, Mr. Apinya, also known as Dr. New, shared his thoughts on Facebook, stating that he believes political parties can often be toxic. In his post, he emphasized how these parties manipulate and even exploit the younger generation for their own political gain. He further criticized the wrongful use of civil liberties, which can have detrimental consequences such as the loss of personal connections, future prospects, and ultimately, friendships.

For Dr. New, the frustration extends beyond the confines of his professional life, as he admits he struggles to witness such issues even within the school environment. He advocates for individuals to uphold their own values and prioritize self-improvement by stating, “Keep the word right to teach yourself first.” Additionally, he expresses his weariness towards the chaos caused by a single person, underlining the necessity for a peaceful resolution in order for schools to thrive once again.

The consequences of such political divisions are explored in Dr. New’s post, where he sighs at the unfortunate fate of a girl named Jade and her friend, Orange. Regrettably, due to the prevailing political climate, their differing perspectives become a source of alienation, resulting in them appearing as outcasts in the eyes of their once-close circle.

With his thought-provoking message, Dr. Suphanat Apinya brings attention to the distressing consequences of partisan politics. His concerns raise pertinent questions about the impact these divisions can have on interpersonal relationships and the overall well-being of individuals within our society. As a dedicated researcher, Dr. New reminds us of the significance of nurturing an inclusive and harmonious environment while embracing differing viewpoints.

9 September 2023 – Mr. Suphanat Apinya or Dr. New, researcher under the MAST Center and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA. Post a message on Facebook saying “Political parties are toxic. Hating the new generation as a political tool Supporting the wrong use of civil liberties As a result, a girl gets lost, loses people, loses her future, and ultimately friends. At school I still couldn’t stand it. “Keep the word right to teach yourself first” “Tired of chaos because of one person” “Ask for peace to return to school”

“Finally, Jade and Orange turned into a freak in the eyes of her friends.”

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