The incident of Dileep getting angry by calling Jayaram’s daughter!!

Dileep’s family is prominent in Malayalam cinema where all the family members are celebrities. Everyone in Dileep’s house is very proud of the Malayalis. Even Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi, who has not acted in a film till now, is given the same consideration as any film star here. Actor Jayaram’s daughter Malavika Jayaram’s recent words about Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi are attracting attention.

Meenakshi is my favourite, I know for a long time, Meenakshi has everything in the house. When Meenakshi came to Chennai to study, Ada would skip her from the hostel and go for walks. Dilip uncle will call me and fight after knowing this. There are so many stories related to us. Malavika’s revelation is in an interview. On the other hand, Malavika says that she met Dulquer a long time ago and her biggest wish is to do a romantic film with him.

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