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The industry talks about the development of the sports industry, e-sports, short videos, etc. attract attention_ 东方 Fortune.com

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Original title: E-sports, short video, etc., attracted attention

On the 23rd, the first ECOTIME Sports Annual Meeting hosted by ECO Krypton was held in Beijing.The theme of this ECOTIME Sports Annual Conference is “Light”. Many guests from the industry attended, focusing on “short video”, “e-sports” and “newbusiness“Three current hotspots have jointly participated in discussions on the survival of sports in the post-epidemic era.

In the short video summit session, the annual excellence was announced on the spotInfluenceSports stars, outstanding cross-border athletes of the year, outstanding influential sportsman of the year and other honors were awarded to the annual sports organizations and individuals. Nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting and world boxing champion Xu Can each shared how short videos made sports easy to spread.

Xu Can introduced the current situation of the boxing industry at the scene: without fame, there is no money.He encouraged other athletes to also let go of their “wariness” about the operation of social media. “I suggest that if an athlete is practicingmarketHighly refinedProfessionSports, social media is not our elective course, but a required course, because it directly affects our income. “

E-sports is another key word of this annual meeting. China’s professional e-sports core manufacturers, alliances, clubs,sponsorBusiness and marketingthe companyThe guest representatives of from their respective perspectives shared some data and views on China’s e-sports.

Currently, the most influential League of Legends event is in the field of professional e-sports events in China.Tenking SportsBrandCoordinator Wu Jiaqi reviewed the development history of the League of Legends Global Finals and analyzed China’s League of Legends tournament system.

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Wu Jiaqi introduced that while holding professional competitions, he has always paid attention to sinking the investment in the league. “In addition to the investment in the professional leagues at the head, we also spent a lot of attention in the college leagues. Basically, there will be our e-sports clubs in all 300 colleges and universities in China.” These schools will organize League of Legends tournaments and also There will be a nationwide college competition.

Xinjiang Urumqi Vocational SchoolESportsSports andmanagementProfessional students finish e-sports in the classroompsychologyAfter the course, go to the professional practice room to carry out “League of Legends” and other game projects.Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Xin

In addition, in the past two years, there have been constant news of colleges and universities offering e-sports-related courses. For example, according to media reports, the first batch of e-sports host commentary freshmen who enrolled in 2017 will graduate next year.

It can be said that e-sports have entered many universities and become campuses, whether from an interest point of view or a professional point of view.cultureEven part of the teaching system.

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