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The arrival of summer always makes the train cars full of people even hotter.The popular new novel “ぐるぐる” The desire and the training process intertwine, making the player stay in the carriage cramped and stuffy and unable to free itself.

“Mohan Tram” is the first work of the “でぃすぺあ” club. When presenting this work, the author said that he believed that the charm of the mad works derives from the “sense of evil”, “the thrill of trembling”, and “the desire to dominate”. The three points, therefore, go along with the “sense of immorality” and the “desire to dominate” which is emphasized in the work of the training department.

He believes that the game is better suited to show the “presence (corresponding to the sense of immorality and trembling pleasure)” of this theme, and the desire for dominance can be expressed through “response and change ” the heroine. The author’s command of the subject of idiots can be seen in class, this work is the explosion of his long-lasting creative energy.

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The plot of this work tells a fantasy story. The main male character is tired of the daily life of social animals. On the tram commuting every day, he finds a certain JK with big breasts. He has a cute and pure look that matches with the excessive ergoelus body, which makes it in his heart There was a twisted desire, and he reached out to her before regaining his senses.

However, he found that no matter what he did, as long as 5 days had passed, everything would return to the day he first decided to attack the heroine, but in the process of continuous reincarnation, it seemed that the heroine’s body has also left His. the memory made his actions bolder, and the heroine’s attitude gradually changed.

After the end of each week, the heroine’s training progress will be saved. Players need to accumulate the H progress of each part or each project to unlock the new weekly ending.

There are a total of 14 endings for players to explore in this work. Players can see the heroine’s shameful reaction after the development of the related parts. Although there is no special CG to watch, it feels very good to understand Japanese.

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The biggest feature of this work is “minimalism” Although there are only 3 scenes, it can support more than 5 hours of game time.

Starting from the scene standing at the door of the tram, as the heroine’s “dominance” increases, the two scenes from the “back of the car” and “car seat” will be unlocked.

These three scenes correspond to the three stages of “molesting → serving → insertion”, and the insertion situation is only normal, but it is very erotic.

The detailed craftsmanship of the author who can achieve a rich sense of eroticism under such a simple structure. This work uses Live 2D to produce character animation, and is paired with full voice actors for dubbing The ASMR-like performance makes the process of madness more immersive.

Players can read the heroine’s feelings about the behavior of idiots from the heroine’s expression, whether it is disgust and frowning tension, enjoyment and happiness of a relaxed expression, and the eyes are eager to serve the player, the complete expression does the erotic feeling Take it to the next level.

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In addition, after the heroine gradually declines to play the player, as long as the player meets certain conditions, the heroine will have corresponding reaction events such as “sustained climax”, “squirt”, “pleading “, “stop the voice”, and some actions There will also be additional H performance effects, such as incontinence, a lot of liquid outflow, etc. Carefully reading the text can have a deep sense of immersion and achievement.

The numerical setting of this work is quite detailed. In addition to the development value of each part and the value of dominating the overall progress, the heroine also has an emotional value and an abuse value, records of the number of orgasms of each part, and the the total number of orgasms.

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These values ​​will directly affect the heroine’s response to all commands, as well as her dialogue and the ending content that can be unlocked after the end of this week.

In addition to the traditional and ordinary H data, the heroine will also configure different resistance values ​​at the beginning of each week according to the current dominance value.

The heroine is not infinitely degraded all the way down, but when the level of dominance is higher, she will prefer to protect her last dignity because of desperation, which increases the difficulty for players to force her to orgasm. Such a subtle grasp of the psychological state of women is also one of the charms of this work.

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Beneath the minimalist appearance, the author of this work actually possesses ingenious ingenuity in numerical balance, Live2D animation generation, event chain arrangement, and H numerical system. Therefore, if players can be as patient as the protagonist, they will finds this work. charming to play.

But if the player does not know Japanese, then the appeal of this game to you may be greatly reduced. After all, this game has no advantage as an animation player. Players need to carefully appreciate every breath of the heroine in the dialogue, and With every tuft of agony between her eyebrows, she could truly appreciate the pleasure of seducing her involuntary depressing pleasure with her own hands.

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